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Planning a wedding can be pretty intimidating - especially if you’re planning a destination wedding that is overseas and far from home. 

Why? Well, when you get married close to home, there tend to be fewer factors to take into consideration and you can also check in regularly with everyone involved - on a face to face basis - in order to ensure that absolutely everything is going to plan. 

You can easily feel that you have more control over your big day.

But many people do decide to organize a destination wedding instead. When you see the results of destination weddings, you can see why people are willing to put in the extra effort. Destination weddings can be in a place that truly means something to you, or where you will simply get much more stunning surroundings than you may find in your hometown.

Destination weddings can also reduce pressure when it comes to creating your wedding guest-list. Rather than everyone you know expecting an invite, it becomes more understandable that you might have a more limited guest list with only your nearest and dearest present.

All in all, if a destination wedding is for you, why not start planning it? There are a host of different things to take into consideration - as with any wedding - but with the additional concerns of flights, accommodation, potential translation needs and more.

The infographic by Carolina Designs Event Homes below should help you to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Infographic Design By: Carolina Designs Event Homes

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