What Are The Potential Health Concerns Of A Vegan Diet?

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Vegan diets are rising in popularity as people look for ways to improve their life. Some people will switch to a vegan diet as they believe it's healthier, others do it because they love animals, and some choose it as it has a lower impact on the environment. There is certainly evidence to suggest that all three of these things are true.

However, many people worry about the overall health concerns of a vegan diet. Is it truly the healthiest option?

Today, we're going to look at some of the potential health concerns associated with a plant-based diet. Now, they're not necessarily true concerns, but rather things people are worried about. By discussing them, you'll soon see if there's anything to be concerned about!

Not enough protein

Naturally, a vegan diet means you don't eat meat, fish, or dairy products. All three of these things are vital sources of protein for most people. Protein is an essential nutrient that basically builds your muscles. If you don't eat enough of it, your muscles will start to waste away. 

It's easy to see why people think you don't get enough protein from a vegan diet. In truth, it will be more challenging, and you will need to consume multiple different foods to reach your targets. But it's not impossible. As you can see on steelsupplements.com, you also have plant-based protein powders that make life easier. Overall, not getting enough protein isn't a real health concern - it just requires more thought!

A lack of iron & B12

Both iron and B12 are critical nutrients that help with different processes in the body. We won't go into too much detail, but a lack of either nutrient is associated with energy loss. If you feel fatigued or light-headed, it could be down to an iron or B12 deficiency. 

Again, the main sources of these nutrients are different meats - mainly red meat. So, you do have a lack of iron and B12 in a vegan diet. Still, there are ways to address this. Spinach is a great source of iron, and you have supplements like yeast flakes or vitamin sprays that can give you a boost. It's a realistic worry, but there are ways to get around it with ease. 

Not enough calories

Calories are a unit of measurement for energy. Basically, our body needs calories to keep it running. A common worry is that vegan diets are simply too low in calories for the average human. While the other two concerns have some basis around them, this is based on ignorance. 

That sounds harsh, but many people assume a vegan diet is just salad and rabbit food. In reality, you can create nutritious meals that are packed full of calories. The diet itself won't restrict your calorie intake, it's the food choices you make on a daily basis!

In summary, there are a couple of main worries with a vegan diet. However, you can usually find simple fixes to address the problems and live a healthy life. Is it a healthier diet than a traditional one? Well, that's still up for debate and we won't open that can of worms today! 

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