Why A Daily Crossword Is Good For Your Mind

Doing a daily crossword is something that many people get into the habit of doing, almost automatically. It’s fun to pick up the paper and try your wits against the crossword creator - usually, somebody the publication hires especially. 

Interestingly, there is now a lot of research that shows that doing crosswords is good for your mind. In that sense, it’s a bit like brain training or conversation. It keeps you sharp as you get older. 

The size of the impact that it has on your brain, though, is quite considerable. It turns out that the average crossword activates multiple areas responsible for memory, language, and understanding. In older adults, something as simple as filling out the crossword puzzle might reverse things like dementia

In this post, we go through some of these reasons why doing a daily crossword is good for you and more. By the end of it, you’ll be convinced you should take it up yourself. 

You Learn New Words

Having an expansive vocabulary is more important than most people realize. Being able to draw on words that accurately express how you feel is a great way to control your emotions and say the right thing to the people around you. If you’re always fumbling for the correct expression, you can make mistakes in your communication, causing problems at work and at home. 

Crosswords teach you new words. Over time, you remember many of them. And once you understand what they mean in full, you can start using them in everyday conversation. 

Even if you use a word generator to help with the trickiest clues, you still learn. In fact, you can often find yourself more likely to remember the word if you’ve been puzzling over it for a long time. 

You Learn The Value Of Challenge

Being successful in the world is surprisingly difficult. You have to work hard continuously. And you can’t take a break. Even if you have money, you need to find something that provides you with satisfaction.

Otherwise, you suffer.

Getting your brain to want to respond positively to challenges, though, takes some effort. In default mode, all it wants to do is save energy. It doesn’t want to expend massive effort doing difficult things. 
Crosswords help to train your mind differently. They’re challenging, but not so difficult that you can’t move forward. They tax you just enough to feel rewarded when you complete them, but not exhausted. 

They Engage You

Therapists will often talk about the importance of “being in the moment.” But when you’re sitting idly, achieving that can be difficult. Your mind inevitably wanders, and you wind up thinking about things you shouldn’t. 

Crosswords, however, are a little bit like fixing something or reading a book. They take you out of the present moment and whisk you off to an abstract world of thought. In essence, crosswords let you relax and forget about the problems in your life. In that sense, therefore, they are a great tool. 

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