6 New Year's Resolutions Ideas For 2021

There are only a few weeks of the year remaining which we’re sure many people across the world are thrilled about, and with 2021 fast-approaching, you may already be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Ringing in the new year may be different compared to previous years, but there’s no reason why you can’t make some resolutions to try and stick to.

The focus of your New Year’s resolutions may have changed due to the circumstances of this year, and you may be thinking about ways to improve your health or spend more time with loved ones. 

Many people tend to break their resolutions within the first few weeks of the new year, but if you give yourself goals that easy to work towards and maintain throughout the year you will be able to fulfill them. So whether you’re looking to get your mind or body healthier, save some extra cash, ease the stress, or simply just become more organized, keep reading for some New Year’s resolution ideas for 2021. 

Try a new recipe each week

Most people say they want to eat healthier in the new year, which is completely fine and a good resolution to make, but why not make it a bit more interesting and find a new recipe to try each week for the whole year. You can find tonnes of healthy recipes online, and it’s a good way to introduce new foods into your diet, making it more varied. You should try this delicious Chile Relleno recipe if you love Mexican food and are looking for a healthy version, and it can also be adapted to make it vegan. 

Buy more plants

Indoor plants are great for helping you de-stress, so if you’ve had a hectic 2020 (haven’t we all) then you should look at introducing more plants into your home to make the new year less stressful. Taking care of your plants can help lower blood pressure and calm the autonomic nervous system so you may want to head to your local garden center to pick a few up. Indoor plants can also help remove toxins from the air you breathe and improve your concentration. 

Get through those books

If you’re one of those people who has a list of books that you’ve been meaning to get through, 2021 is the year to do it. It’s easy to put reading off because you have other things you need to do, like work out, tidy your home, take the kids to school, etc. But if you listen to audiobooks, there’s no reason why you can’t multitask. You can still do all your errands and get through the books you’ve been wanting to read

Work on your budget

A resolution that is guaranteed to help you over the year is to work on improving your budget. Saving more money throughout the year will allow you to either pay more of your debts off, save quicker towards a goal, help you out if you experience any money worries, and just make you better with your money in general. Look at your current budget and see if there’s anything you can cut down on, like ordering food in weekly or canceling a subscription service that you no longer use. These may not seem like a lot, but they will add up, and maybe by next December, you will see that a little can go along way. 

Catch up with family and friends regularly

If there’s anything we have learned from 2020, is that we need to stay in touch with family and friends more often. Life can get busy for everyone, and it may seem like you only caught up with someone the other week but before you know, it’s been almost a month. Even if you just send them a quick message throughout the day to see how they are doing or catching up with them in person for a few hours, it’s good to spend quality time with those who mean a lot. 

Be more charitable

2020 has been hard for many people, so if you can give back to those in need in any way that you can it can make a huge difference, whether it’s volunteering your time or donating some of your old clothes, books, DVDs, or even food items. Volunteering can be beneficial to your health by lowering your stress levels and blood pressure, so if you have spare time put it to use and be more giving in the new year. 

These simple New Year’s resolution ideas will not only improve your life but they can also be beneficial to other people too. 

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