A Light & Bright House: The Essential Guide To Making Your Home Bright and Beautiful

Most people don't want to spend their days in a dark dingy, enclosed in space. Instead, what we genuinely want is a light, bright, airy space in which to live.

The good news is that no matter where you currently reside, you can make your space a brighter, lighter one.

Keep reading to find out how. 


Light, for the most part, enters your home through its windows. What this means is you need to make sure as much light as possible can get in. Happily, several tactics can help here. The first is to cut back any greenery outside of the window to ensure it doesn't block the passage of light. 

Next, be sure to keep your windows as clean as possible on both the inside and outside. Of course, this is a task about which few of us are enthusiastic. Fortunately, a window cleaning professional can deal with it for us. Indeed, their specialist equipment and training mean they can easily reach even the most awkwardly placed outside windows, safely and effectively, which makes keeping all the entry points for light clean, as easy as possible.

Window treatments 

It's not just the windows themselves, that impact on how bright it is in our homes. Our window treatments also make a difference. Window treatments, for anyone not in the know, are the things we use to keep the light out such as curtains or blinds. 

In particular, you can make a space seem much lighter and brighter by making sure that you hang window treatments correctly. What this means is you must hang them above and to the side of the window frames to create a more spacious look.  


Now, you have learned how to maximize the amount of light flooding into your home; it's time to consider the impact that the color you choose for your walls. Indeed, you can have plenty of light coming, but it may still seem dark because of the shade on the wall. 

With that in mind, opting for colors that reflect light is a smart idea. Bright white, in particular, does an excellent job of this, although a brightly colored feature wall can do wonders as well. If you must have dark walls such as brown or black, then make sure that the window frames, woodwork, and flooring are as light as possible to help counter the darkening effect. 

Mirrors and decorations 

Finally, to make your home seem as light and bright as possible, it's vital that you get the decor right. In particular, this means having a good clear out and getting rid of as much clutter as possible. Indeed, clear surfaces and only minimal furniture will make a space seem much less closed in and so allows light to reach every corner. 

Mirrors are also another fabulous decorative touch for enhancing the light in your home. The reason for this is that they reflect light, and they also make your space seem much larger than it is.

Something that can once again help make your home feel expanded and as bright as possible.


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