Tips For Living With A Disability | Physically, Emotionally & Mentally

A disability is something that should be debilitating but a lot of what we do in life can be restricted by having a disability of any type.

However, just because society tells you something should be a certain way, does not mean it has to be.

Many of us both present and past have managed to prove the experts wrong or those that don’t believe something can be done by doing it. With that being said, here are some helpful tips for living with a disability.

Learn To Accept The Disability

Firstly, accepting the disability is important because however you view it, it’s there. It can be incredibly difficult to accept a disability, especially anything that you haven’t had from birth. You’ve likely experienced what life is like without one and then when you do get a disability, it can certainly take time to accept and acknowledge that life as you know it will have changed - if only temporarily.

So what’s important to do when it comes to accepting your disability? Well, mourning the loss of what you had can certainly be good to do because there’s likely going to be a lot of emotion that you’ll feel. Whether you’ve lost a limb or you’re dealing with a loss of your senses, like your hearing for example, it can all be overwhelming and it can often feel like you’re alone in those feelings. Just because you’ve had good days, doesn’t mean those bad days are over so if you don’t feel like smiling, embrace that and allow your emotions to pour out. Keeping it in, is only going to act like a ticking time bomb.

Find Ways To Adapt To It

Coming to terms with your new reality is the first step. The second step is adapting your life to this new reality that you find yourself in. It’s important to look at what you might need to change when it comes to your lifestyle. The disability might affect your living arrangements or perhaps your job. It might not affect something so important but even the smallest of changes might take some adapting to. It’s important to seek out these methods to help with your transition but you also want to minimize the impact it has on your life as much as you can.

Set realistic goals if you’re working towards getting more parts of your life back as it might be possible. A lot of these improvements and adaptations can take time, so don’t rush or be too hard on yourself.

Ask For Help Or Support

Dealing with any type of disability isn’t just something that you can usually handle on your own. Sometimes, you might need physical support and there may also be times where you need mental support too. With that being said, you should learn more about what help and advice is out there. What’s available to you and what do you need? Asking for help and support is nothing you should be ashamed about and there’s going to be things that certain disabilities are going to need assistance for.

Ask around for help from friends or family members that you trust and when that help isn’t readily available, it’s worth looking for the professional support that’s out there.

Find Things That You Love Doing

What things do you love doing? It’s important that you don’t let this disability affect what you want to achieve or do with your time. There’s still so much that you can do and the only person getting in your way is your own self-doubt. You can put anything that you put your mind to, so start thinking about the things you want to achieve and do in life that are going to add value to your life and will provide the memories too.

Consider all the things that make you happy in life and make it a priority to do more of it. A disability can be a reminder that life is too short to mope around and feeling sorry for yourself.

Look After Your Health

And finally, when it comes to your health, look after it. Whether you have a disability or not, there are many parts of your body that need looking after. It’s important that you’re making the most out of your health and whether you’re keeping check of what you can do to improve it or getting those all-important medical checkups, it’s all critical.

Living with a disability is not the end of the world so use these tips to help.

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