A New Year With A Dose of Self Care + FREE Downloads

Happy new year friends!

It definitely feels good to be back and back on track both mentally and physically.

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this cyber space of mine. I honestly love sharing so much with you guys here at Charmed Crown & Co. Basically anything and everything that is life, creatively and emotionally, it will get shared, and if you've been here long enough then you already know.

I don't have to remind you what a crazy year 2020 was and how much we all needed this NEW 2021 reset. Our family went through it's ups and downs but we made the best of both and felt very fortunate to have been able to survive it all including the pandemic and being able to stay healthy. And believe me it's definitely not being taken for granted, especially while many have been affected through COVID19.

With that said, those of you that have been here know that I'm not new to life throwing me curveballs. In fact 2018 was quite the year of stomach punches for me and so changes needed to be made both physically and mentally.

I became a true believer that therapy does wonders especially for those of us that feel unheard or simply have a lot to share. Loving my body both inside and out in a new way was something I needed to learn to do. I didn't want my anxiety and depression to take over my mental wellness. Teaching myself new ways to help with that both holistically and naturally soon became a goal and is now a passion. 

My intention was never to jump onto the health and wellness bandwagon but it simply became a part of my life and now what you would call my niche if you will as a lifestyle blogger/influencer.

Our goals as a family this year is to reach for the stars always, to continue on our wellness and health journey especially with so much still surrounding COVID19 but it's also a normal day to day practice for us now and in the last few years that it's nothing new but just normal life for us. We want to hopefully travel more if God allows and all ends well with this virus.

My daughter and I are starting a business together (more on that very soon) besides our already fun and busy lives as a blogger, influencers and her a vlogger. There are also a ton of projects on the horizon for our home as soon as the weather warms up a little bit. Not to mention everyday life goals.

One of my many goals this year though is to maintain my mental health as a priority. It's easy to get caught up in so many things and to easily let negativity creep in. One thing I love to do is write things down especially because it easily helps ease my mind.

This year I have commited to journaling every day, it truly has been pretty fun already. I started to do so on a weekly basis last year but this year I want to do it every day. 

I have a few ways I organize my thoughts but when I'm having a bad day or feel I need an extra dose of self care, I decided I needed something easy enough to follow and I was able to come up with a three-page Positive Mindset Cheatsheet for myself and I thought, why not share it with you as well. 

If you're subscribed to my blog then you've already received it right into your inboxes and if you're not signed up yet, don't worry, if you'd like to receive it too, all you need to do is subscribe >>here<< or click on the tab at the top of my blog or on the sidebar. It's that easy!

This Positive Mindset Cheatsheet will help you put those negative thoughts aside and remind yourself of the good and positive things currently in your life or what you can do to help make you feel better. It will help neutralize your mindset, remember it's the small steps that make the biggest difference.

I'm determined to not only help myself this year but those around me including you! That's why I want to give you this small yet impactful gift. And trust me there will be more. So if you want a copy of this awesome three-page cheatsheet, all you have to do is subscribe to CharmedCrownBlog.com!

And with that said, I also leave you with this small token of my love, a FREE "Self-Care Check-In" download below, simply for being here in support of my passion. Let's all begin the year feeling empowered by taking care of ourselves. Let's decide to commit and succeed together.

Simply click on the PNG image below and right-click to download. Or screenshot to save onto your phones.

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I am always happy you're here and I hope these ideas inspire you. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay tuned for more coming soon.

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