Intimate Gifts For Her | Under $20

Ladies and gentlemen..... this one's for you! 

Not sure how you're planning to celebrate the upcoming sweetheart holiday but most of us are staying in and what better way than in comfortable or better yet sexy intimates of course!

I can tell you from personal experience that I love it when my man, goes out to buy me lingerie or sexy intimates because it goes to show, #1 he's confident enough to do so and #2 he's giving you exactly what he wants to see you in. 

Making this intimate gift that much more special!

Another quick tip: Buy yourself the lingerie you're most comfortable in and throw in a sexy boudoir photoshoot for the long lasting memories, he or she will appreciate you forever for it!

I'm a sucker when it comes to intimates of any kind and let me tell you, I soon realized that I didn't have to go out and spend a whole lot of money to buy quality lingerie at an expensive price. Don't get me wrong I'll still take it even if it is expensive but for as much as I personally like to buy and wear lingerie, I needed a more affordable solution stat!

Therefore I soon found this special gem called Shein and for the last few years, that's the only place I buy from. We all know that when it comes to lingerie we maybe wear each piece just a couple of times if that and then it's on to the next because our partners have already seen it and we want the next time to be a new special intimate piece. Therefore I'm sharing my secret with you guys here, today.

Below are some of my current favorites and ones I for sure know you can appreciate too, they're super cute, sexy and some even comfortable to simply lounge in. 

Whether you're buying it for yourself or for your girlfriend, fiance or wife, these intimates are sure to buy you points this Valentine's Day. Especially if we're all most likely staying in and celebrating it Quarantine style.

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