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 As you all know this master bath was in desperate need of some updates.

And so we decided it was time to invest and make some necessary updates because it's the one master bath we all use. We do have a half bath downstairs and an extra sink vanity in our master bedroom which helps a lot when multitasking but we all share a shower.

With that said, I did actually share before pictures in a previous blog post.

But just in case you forgot what our master bath looked like before I'll throw in a few pictures in this blog post for comparison.

I can't tell you how happy we are with how our Master bath turned out, although there were a few mishaps with our contractor which we still have to go back and fix plus a few things that we are choosing to finish ourselves that are currently in the works but for now, it's already an amazing transformation.

Let me start by telling you exactly what was done in here before I move on to show you pictures.

Things We Replaced

Bath Tub // Tile // Tub & Shower faucet

Complete subflooring and Tile

Vanity // Mirror // Sink faucet // Light Fixture


Wall Paint / Trim

These current pictures don't do it justice because of the light fixture had yet to be replaced when I took these pictures. But the difference in here is awesome and once it's finally complete it'll feel and look even better.

What we have yet to replace, light fixture (which is finally up), the medicine cabinet will soon be replaced and shelves will be going up on the wall above the toilet area.

We absolutely love the vanity and the extra storage it gave us.

The shower transformation is probably our favorite amongst everything else because the old was just not working for us and pretty disgusting considering how old everything was plus just plain ugly.

It was dark and dingy and adding a light just above the shower made all the difference and makes everything stand out so much more.

Walls were painted in the Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Eggshell - Silos White which we had matched at Home Depot for a lot less in cost.

Now although we love how all of the things replaced and added to our master bath, the contractor did leave us with a few disappointments and one of them was how careless they were with our flooring after they installed it.  Although I must say it they somewhat added more character to it, I'm still working on cleaning it up some more before we seal it.

I will be sharing another post with all of the bath decor and storage items we added to the bath itself also soon as I take more pictures for you all to see but in the meantime, I've linked sources to all of the major items we purchased to transform the master bath.

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