Things To Think About When Renovating Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are not only where you do your business but are also a tranquil escape from the business and stress of the day when you run yourself a relaxing bath with all the luxuries like bath salts, bubbles, and lighting some candles.

So when you are looking to renovate your bathroom there are some things you need to think about to make sure it is the best for you and is protected in all the right ways.


Fix Water Damage The Right Way

Unfortunately, when you start ripping tiles off and taking things out you are sometimes going to notice some pretty bad water damage from the condensation, leaks and sometimes it just happens. It is important to get water remediation experts in to look and correct it as they can help with structural drying, water extraction, and mold remediation. 

Choose A Great Bath To Relax In And Sit In It

If you are buying a new bath, sit in it before you buy! It is never a good idea to go by eyeballing it, if you get it wrong and you can’t lay down in it comfortably it is a waste of money and something you just won’t enjoy. Sit in it, lay in it, basically just pretend you are having a bath. As baths are a good escape for people and a way to relax, wind down, and de-stress having the right sized bath is a big thing to think about.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

All bathrooms need mirrors and it is time to take it to the next level. Not only do you want a beautifully designed mirror there are also new mirrors that have a heated section. So no longer will it get condensation and you have to wipe it after a shower, which is the start of any horror film that is shot in the bathroom with someone standing behind them. It will stay clear completely and you can go straight to doing your makeup, skincare routine, or plucking out nose hairs if that's your thing. It will also prevent streaks from you wiping it with a towel as well.


Fabulous Flooring To Protect Your Room

If you did happen to find water damage then choosing a more durable flooring is going to be top of your list. You will want to make sure it is water-resistant. So choosing something hard-wearing like marble, ceramic or stone are great choices. If you choose something like ceramic tiles you can make it your own and arrange them however you want to create designs that are built into the floor or go for something elegant and plain that will make the room look clean and neat. 

So there are a few key things here to think about when it is finally time to renovate your bathroom. Apart from your bedroom, it will be one of the only places in the house where you can relax and de-stress so it is an important room in the house.

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