Master Bedroom Wall Mural

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Truth be told, I've been waiting a long time to do something fun and interesting in our master bedroom. When we painted our main wall black it made such a dramatic difference and I though we loved it, it felt like it needed some kind of dimension to it.

I attempted adding a photo ledge to it but grew out of it right away because it wasn't exactly that dimension I was going for. So soon after we realized it was either going to be wood trimming or wallpaper mural.

And so with that said, I was pretty excited when Photowall reached out to collaborate with me. Truth is their timing could not have been better. So yeah, pretty excited to say the least.

They have the most beautiful wallpapers, posters and canvas prints. Besides having the most creative and beautiful murals, having great reviews and known for their quality, another reason I chose to work with Photowall was because of their environmental approach. They care and strive to minimize environmental impact. I live for brands and companies like this.

And I gotta say it wasn't easy to choose when it came down to choosing an image for the backdrop of our wall mural/wallpaper. In fact when we finally narrowed it down we kept going back and forth between three wall murals. But finally had to make a decision because we had to place our order and so I chose the one below.

We wanted to keep the dramatic feel we were striving for in the first place with our black wall. And though my husband wanted mountains and forests, we met in the middle with this mystical and nature inspired mural.

I love that it has such a beautiful artistic feel and gives our bedroom that dramatic cozy feel.

So what do you think? Honest opinions please down below ;)

For being our first time putting up wallpaper I feel we did pretty good. This was definitely a learning experience for us both. 

My husband was so helpful and patient when it came down to it, and took us only like 3 or 4 hours to put up because we weren't trying to rush the process. I highly recommend doing this kind of DIY job with a partner and definitely when you have a morning or afternoon available to tackle it.

Photowall also has a wallpaper kit available to purchase with all of the tools you need to help put up any of their wall murals or wallpaper. The paste powder you'll need does already come included with your mural including instructions.

You definitely want to prep your walls to a smooth or flat finish if possible for less visible lumps especially recommend this if you're going with a dark glossy mural like ours. Even though we did do all of the necessary prepping, there was still some visible imperfections, but definitely some we could live with.

If there's any downside to the glossy finish of this mural it's only that it does make the imperfections come through and some of the seams are unavoidably visible in some places.  A busier mural and lighter or matte finish could easily hide those imperfections and would be way less visible.

And if my review isn't enough reason for you to go and purchase a mural of your own, Photowall is providing my readers a 25% discount for you to use on your Photowall purchase! 

Make sure to use my discount code - charmedcrownblog2021 
(valid from March 1st - April 5th, 2021)

Bubbles will form no matter how close to perfection the process goes, but what's forgiving about non-peel and stick wallpaper is that once the paste dries the bubbles do disappear.

With that said, we're very happy with how easy Photowall makes the process of putting up their wall murals. I really love their options and I definitely want to find another wall or reason to use their wallpaper again.

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