My Top 8 Driving Tips To Help Avoid Car Accidents

With a new teen driver in the house and a previous one just a few years ago, it's only safe to say that this conversation has been had plenty of times in our home. And as adults we could always use a refresher. Because road safety is a fundamental part of driving. 

However, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Many factors may lead to such accidents. especially when our freeway/highway has been under construction the last few years. On the other hand, some accidents are preventable. And actions taken by a driver or distractions can increase the risks of an accident.

We all know that as a driver we should always follow set procedures when we are behind the wheel, that's just science! It's so important to yield to safety precautions and road laws. 

Accidents are clearly dangerous and don't always end well for one party or both if colliding with another driver. In any case they can also cause you some criminal offenses with the law if you're at fault. 

The following are driving tips you can apply every day or while driving to avoid or minimize the risks of car accidents.

Ensure That Your Eyes are on the Road

When driving, your concentration should only be on the road. Do not allow things inside your car to distract you. It will help if you always remain focused. Multi-tasking while driving can be dangerous. Avoid shaving, combing, putting on your makeup or brushing your hair.

Avoid Swapping CD’s or Changing the Radio

Listening to music while driving is not a dangerous act in itself. However, if you play a Compact Disk (CD) like I do still, avoid changing it while driving; it causes you to look away. Sometimes even changing the radio on your dashboard or phone may be a distraction. Try to wait until your car is parked.

Select your favorite station prior to heading out on the road. You will not need to keep changing your radio station, and if you do, you will not need to take your eyes off the road as often.

Do Not Use Your Cell Phone

There is no sufficient justification to use a cell phone while driving. Using a mobile phone is distracting PERIOD. Your hands get occupied since you have to look at your phone to dial the numbers or text. Even if your hands are free, talking causes a lot of distractions while driving also.

Keep your phone away or in your glove compartment. You can also switch the phone off to do away with the urge to even answer it when it rings or dings. Or pull over if necessary.

Avoid Drinking and Driving (No Excuses)

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous and we all know it. Alcohol impairs a driver’s judgment. A driver does not have the same ability as he has when sober. We all know the consequences and how dangerous it can be.

According to statistics, driving under the influence is the leading cause of accidents. Many people are injured or even killed too often. Therefore, its so important to always drive while sober. If you drink, look for an alternative transport like a taxi, uber, lyft or even a bus.

Or try having a designated driver with you if necessary. Its crucial to note that driving under the influence also includes other drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, etc.

Avoid Areas Under Construction

Sometimes, it is advisable to change the regular routes you take while driving to school, work, and other places, particularly under construction. Construction processes create many diversions. Diversions increase the risks of accidents.

Construction also creates much debris that can cause tire punctures or even worse. Until the completion of construction, look for an alternate route to avoid the risks of an accident.

Adhere to Speed Limits

Over speeding increases the risks of being involved in an accident. For instance, it becomes impossible to stop when required to do so suddenly. You may knock down pedestrians who are not so careful, especially children. Ensure you follow the speed limits to avoid these problems.

You should not only worry about pedestrians. Other drivers may not be careful while driving. Always drive at a manageable speed. In case a child gets involved in an accident, seek medical help such as pediatricians immediately.

Follow Road Regulations

Just like speed limits, there are several road regulations that you must follow. These regulations reduce the risks of being involved in an accident. Failure to follow road regulations may cause you serious trouble with the authorities.

For instance, when approaching a red or stoplight, slow down before you get there. Always obey traffic signs; they are there for a purpose.

Ignore Aggressive Drivers on the Road

When driving, you may come across crazy drivers. Some drive dangerously by over speeding and cutting off other drivers. The best action is to stay away from them as much as possible. If the drivers are crawling behind you as they honk their horn, slow down and allow them to pass. The further you stay away from them, the safer you are.

The Moral of the Story

Again it's important to consider and to practice safety skills when driving every day. Ensure that you pay attention to your driving, your driving environment, and other drivers. And let's not forget pedestrians and bike riders, it's even more important to share the road. By doing this, the risks of being involved in a traffic accident are minimum. 

Always be sensible and aware while driving.

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