Affordable Dried Florals Perfect for Spring

 Personally I don't think I've ever said this before because I've usually taken this season either really slow or slightly for granted but this year seems different and I'm excited to see Spring finally upon us. Hints of blooming flowers along our yards and neighborhood really got me in the mood to bring Spring indoors and out of our home.

But first things first, I don't like to go out and buy all new stuff or spend a lot of money if not needed. I love searching for great deals because they're literally every where these days if you search in the right places and they're usually the places we tend to get inspired from the most.

One of my favorite places to shop for dried florals is, Anthropologie and Joann's

Besides having added live greenery instead of faux plants around the house, my latest obsession is dried florals, if you choose the right ones for your home aesthetic they look quite beautiful.

I especially love adding them to my vessel ceramic vases, they add quite a warm yet lively feeling.

I used to think that buying dried flowers was expensive and at one point it was because they were pretty rare to find, but so many small shops and even bigger online retailers carry them now that they're actually pretty affordable.

Still if dried flowers aren't in your budget you can always create your own, I've been drying flowers and greenery like Eucalyptus for the longest time now and it's not only super easy but easy on my wallet too, home decor on the cheap is my favorite actually!

If you're lucky and have a Eucalyptus or Olive tree in your backyard or neighborhood then have at it, otherwise buying a nice bulk of it is only $5 bucks at Trader Joe's or maybe even your local grocery store.

I simply lay it out in the sun for a couple of days and boom, so pretty on a mantle or anywhere you want to showcase and all you need is a couple of stems to really brighten up a space or wall.

Below you can find some of my favorite Spring floral picks and very much affordable for any budget.
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