Cozy Outdoor Space Essentials + Low Cost Backyard Updates

Making our small and quaint backyard space feel cozy even in the warmest of days was my goal this year! We love spending so much time out here and entertaining friends and family regardless of the size of it, we knew we could make it feel way more cozy than it was already.

This year I decided it was time to upgrade our outdoor furniture and to somewhat invest in quality for the long haul. But I also knew I wanted to make some small yet impactful DIY changes in our small outdoor space to give it a cozier feel without spending a lot of money.

Last Summer I decided to move our plants around and to invest in some updated ones from our local nursery that didn't cost very much, they're still drought tolerant outdoor plants. Lavender is one of my favorites and I love the fragrance they give off not to mention they attract bees which we totally support. Because of Lavender has both pollen and nectar it feeds the bees. And Iceberg Roses are another favorite that I've added along the way to both the side, front and our backyard. It's a timeless flower and so easy to care for plus it grows and grows so beautifully!

Changing the look of your plants to fit your style or aesthetic goes a long way. Other than that I also decided to paint our outdoor shelf and fence black. I had leftover black paint from when we painted our bedroom wall and decided to put it to good use and saved me a good $25!

I also wanted to add some attraction to the other side of our backyard, the wall behind are now outdoor sectional, with some West Elm wall planters. Believe it or not I had bought the larger one a couple of years ago with the intention of doing this and never did because at the time I wasn't sure in which direction we were going to be going with this space. But now, it's exactly where it was meant to go and I bought and added the two smaller ones just recently.

A firepit is another great way to add a feeling of coziness to the garden. An awesome quality fire pit can be used to keep you warm on cool evenings, so you can use your garden all year round.

And finally I shopped around and found some great deals on backyard furnishings. We wanted to invest but save money in the process. We wanted to outdoor furniture that will last us for at least a few years if not more. Therefore not only investing in the quality was key but also in furniture covers in order to help protect and prolong the life of our outdoor furniture. It's something we never did with our previous furniture because it was mostly second hand finds and knew they were only temporary at the time we purchased. Plus in California it seems unnecessary but Mother Nature lately has been quite bipolar so you never know.

The black fence right away made all of the difference, I actually got my inspiration from Ikea, as they advertised this outdoor table and chairs. And I thought, why not, it could only look better not worst in comparison to what we already had. This fence won't be here forever but in the meantime, we wanted it to look good not worn down.

As we've gotten older shopping wisely becomes a priority. I think we can all agree that once you've invested into your forever home and your forever things, everything is truly that much more perishable. And so much more satisfying when you're going about it the right way.

I still love a good thrift find and shopping our own home. I love throw pillows and I only bought the lumbar black pillows, all of the others are pillow covers I already had from previous years and just changed out a few pillows. I love having throw pillow inserts from Ikea available for whenever we need them.

Sitting and lounging out here now, feels so much more fun and relaxing and entertaining with friends and family will feel so much easier and like a treat!

Creating a comfortable yet cozy and cool outdoor space for us was key and I think we finally achieved that with the new pieces and decor we moved around, I'll have to take more pictures soon for a full reveal, in the meantime, I've linked sources below ;)
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