Modern Dental Care Treatments for Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth are certainly unattractive, that is why people have become extremely conscious of their smiles. It is common knowledge for everyone to dreams of a healthy, white smile, as it affects our confidence and how we present ourselves in business and social situations.

In reality, there are plenty of factors that cause our pearly whites to turn into a dull and discolored look, from our lifestyle, food, and beverages we consume. This increasing awareness towards oral care led the dental industry to introduce cosmetic procedures to put an end to various teeth issues. It also gave rise to at-home dental treatments as a response to the increasing demand for teeth whitening techniques.

From LED lights to whitening toothpaste, the dental care industry has been seeing a huge surge of teeth whitening methods almost everywhere. But the question is, do these things actually work? Are they safe for our teeth? This article will uncover some of the popular dental care fads and answer questions related to their effectiveness and side effects.

Whitening products

From whitening toothbrush, toothpaste, gel, and strips, these are some teeth whitening solutions you can do yourself. People are jumping on these new dental care trends not only because they are affordable, but they are always available online. These online stores also offer different types of whitening products to get the results you're after.

Whitening products are one of the best pain-free alternatives for those with dental anxiety. These people don't like the idea of sitting in a dentist's chair, even for a cosmetic procedure. They hate the idea of anesthesia, bleeding gums, the sound of drills, and the unsettling ambiance of a dental clinic.

Whitening toothpaste uses a gentle approach to whiten the teeth, which can often take several weeks. It works best if you buy an ultrasonic whitening toothbrush with a replacement head to easily scrub off the stains on the surface of the teeth. But this only applies to surface stains caused by extreme coffee consumption. For patients with deep stains, this technique is not a strong option. Serious cases require a chemical-based solution to revert the teeth into their natural color.


For those who aren't yet aware, fruits have become a huge trend for DIY teeth whitening. Many people claim that banana peels, lemons, oranges, pineapples, and strawberries have teeth whitening properties. Although they are not as effective as teeth whitening products, you can assure that these fruits are safe and natural.

For affordable and chemical-free teeth whitening treatments, going the natural route is the safest option. There are plenty of researches and scientific evidence that prove theteeth-whitening effects of natural fruit extracts. For example, strawberry contains malic acid, which helps brighten and clean teeth. Carrots, celery, and apples serve as natural stain removers by promoting saliva production, a self-cleaning agent for the teeth. Scrubbing them on your teeth will kill harmful bacteria that cause bad breath.

Aside from fruits, there are also studies that confirm baking soda has teeth-whitening abilities. In fact, baking soda is one of the long-standing and most popular DIY whitening solutions. Most over-the-counter dental products contain baking soda for effective teeth whitening.

It works almost the same as whitening toothpaste by removing recent stains and discoloration. But not all dental experts recommend this approach since baking soda has an abrasive consistency that can damage tooth enamel, leaving you at risk for cavities, decay, and sensitivity. For those willing to try this approach, make sure to apply this method with extreme care.

Light systems

Light treatments are an emerging trend in dental care. These procedures involve a combination of LED or UV lights and chemical components to accelerate the teeth whitening process. It works by using the heat coming from the light system to activate the whitening gel.

This approach may vary from DIY treatments to professional light treatment. There are online stores that offer whitening kits containing LED mouthguards and whitening gel with easy-to-follow instructions. But this technique will take plenty of sessions before you notice the results.

For those who want a quicker fix, most dentists offer professional light treatment using a faster and stronger light system. You can witness its results in just a few minutes to an hour. A dentist may require follow-up treatments for better maintenance.

Before trying a teeth whitening solution, it is best to consult a professional dentist to know the best possible dental treatment. They will provide the quickest teeth whitening procedure that will result in dramatic changes to your teeth. 

More importantly, they will also offer suggestions to maintain good oral care.

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