My Current Day-Time Facial Skin Care + Neutral Makeup Staples

I don't consider myself a beauty expert or even a pro-beauty influencer but it doesn't go without saying that I do love me some good skin care! I've always cared for my skin the way it was meant to, at every age and stage. I learned at a very young age that beauty doesn't come easy or lasts very long without caring for it carefully and with the best quality skin care products.

I love sticking to skin care products that show results and makeup brands that I love. What's even better is when that brand you love keeps evolving with the times. Sometimes if you stop seeing results it's because your skin has become used to the product. You don't want to stick to the same products for too long because certain ingredients can become less effective over time but you don't want to switch up too often that your skin gets confused and reacts. 

Truth is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. If you're serum still gives you glowing skin and your moisturizer still keeps your skin supple, then you have no reason to swap them out. However, you should consider a change when your products no longer seem to work as well as they once did, or if after about a month of using a product.

With that said, that goes for makeup too. It's okay to venture out and try out new makeup, I think every girl who loves makeup loves to try new things. Which I will share some of those favorites in the next few days as well.

So let's start shall we....

To start my day or morning, I start by washing my face, currently I'm really liking the CLINIQUE Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, tap to dry and soon after I apply my daily (morning and evening) face toner, Pixi by Petra Rose Tonic has been a favorite for a while now and I love that their toners last for quite some time. Toner's are important to neutralize and even out skin, it softens, balances & tones skin. It's rich in nutrients & antioxidants. So definitely add this to your daily routine if you haven't already.

Putting on my favorite moisturizer from Clinique after I wash my face including my Neutrogena sunblock, that's a given. It's a must for me and it should be for anyone really. My husband has overtime also gotten into the habit of doing so, thankfully. It took me years to get him to understand why it's so necessary.

But that's not all, adding that extra Vitamin C and under eye brightener goes on too and goes a long ways. This Vitamin C Primer is perfect for giving you a smoother look with or without foundation. It makes all the difference when I don't feel like doing a full face of makeup. It makes me look somewhat done and awake. And of course you can't forget the mascara!

Currently Covergirl's Lash Blast is it for me. It gives my lashes that extra volume and goes on light without the clumps. I love an extra thick lash and I love that this mascara does just that without feeling heavy on my eyes.


Of course adding a little makeup is also necessary if I'm stepping out of the house or simply feel like adding little more. I like to keep it light and simple, I'll add eyeliner and lip if I'm taking pictures for something in particular or simply feel like it but overall, below is my neutral makeup routine. 

I brush on my favorite REVLON foundation, fill in my brows with my favorite Maybeline brow pencil, add some bronzer, a little blush and voila! Not too complicated. 

These are my current favorites and staples for this season in time. I'll definitely share more as I tend to occasionally change some of my base products but right now CLINIQUE and PIXI beauty and the Neutrogena sunblock are truly my base favorites!  


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