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The world has shifted online, and now, the best way to scale your online business is through social media. The social media craze has been going on for years now. Today, the big players are making use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Me not being a big time player is here to simply tell you from experience what has helped me so far, but I'm always learning because times evolve literally daily nowadays.

How do you even begin to conquer these social media platforms?

Creating an Engaging Post

It all begins with a catchy and captivating post. What does that even look like? The first thing about an incredible copy is that it encourages people to join the conversation. It should be inviting enough that readers can't help but comment.

Usually, we can entice people to share their thoughts by asking what they think or feel about a specific topic or idea. You can put forth an emotional, witty, or funny post that evokes a certain feeling. In other words, you need to target the audience and their emotional side.

Excellent posts also involves good grammar. This matters whether you're posting for a business or even just on your own personal page. It reflects on your business, your personality, and your reliability.

When you write a social media post, you have to think about your audience. What's the pitch and tone that will likely complement your target audience? If you're dealing with a professional crowd, then the copy should formal and sound much like an expert.

On the other hand, if you're talking about fashion and lifestyle, the tone should be friendly and maybe even chatty. The important thing to consider and remember is that you know who you're writing for. One of the things that you have to remember is to avoid redundancy. If you can use just one word, don't add in others.

Communicate with your readers and tell them why. Make them understand the point of your post. Connect with them not just emotionally but intellectually as well. That's also one of the reasons and advantages of nailing your grammar.

Creating Captivating Images

A picture paints a thousand words, and you don't even have to say anything. One of the most beautiful and captivating parts of a social media post is the image you're using. That's why you need to choose one that has the star factor.

Having a captivating image will attract and retain the attention of viewers. You want them to view the rest of your post, and to do that, you must first attract their attention. Use an image that will make the reader click to read more.

A captivating image has compelling composition. It should also evoke simple storytelling that shows emotion. You want unique and iconic moments to take the spotlight. And finally, it needs to have high quality and impressive lighting and color.

How do you achieve captivating images? You do this in three ways: have a good quality camera, have the right skills, and have good editing. It's not easy to be a photographer, but you can learn. However, the best bang for your buck would probably be to hire professional product image editing.

If you're taking the photos yourself, make sure you take care of your camera and lens. Clean them regularly, and make sure they don't come in contact with rough particulars or surfaces. Even if using your phone, they're so expensive these days more so than a camera, therefore extra care is necessary. 

Consider using a tripod for balance and also make use of the timer feature. Don't forget the lighting too. These things are just a few out of many helpful tips and methods you can use to make sure you have a good image.

Creating Unique Interactions

People love interactive social media posts. A good one doesn't stop at an excellent copy with a captivating image. An awesome social media post is alive because commentators get responses. A response to a comment or inquiry shows that you are empathetic enough to read what your followers are putting out there. It's also a great way to connect to other people. You should respond to the reviews to increase and retain your followers.

Interacting with them through your social media posts allows your audience to feel listened to. And that's how a good and healthy relationship with them. They want to be heard, and they want to feel that they matter because they do.

It's essential to note how people respond to your posts because this can show you a glimpse of customer or viewer behavior. It's a vital source of feedback that you can use to improve your products or services. It's a good source of fresh and new ideas.

You can't ignore the importance of social media to your business. This is a new way to find prospective clients and customers. It's also a great way to improve brand image and promote brand awareness.

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