FREE Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas + FREE Wall Art Template

Mother's Day is a week away and most of us are either on a time crunch, therefore ordering online might be out of the question at this point or honestly some of us are not trying to spend money we don't have on a store bought gift.

Either way, I'm here to spare you and hopefully give you an idea or two on how to make mom feel special without putting a hole on your pocket.

1. Write a Sweet Note or Make Her a Card

Write your mother a sweet note for Mothers Day to tell her what you love and admire about her. Let her know the impact she has made on your life. You could also make a card by hand, just use lined paper, or buy a pack of cards from the dollar store.

Nothing means more than receiving a kind and genuine note of love. This is one of my personal favorite gifts ever to receive!

2. A Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Give your mom a bouquet of fresh, spring wild flowers! You could pick flowers from your own yard, or find some wildflowers around a park or while on a hike. Put your flowers in a mason jar or tin can or a pretty vase you might have around, tie a pretty ribbon around it, and you have a beautiful personal gift!

3. Host a Brunch for Her

Who wouldn’t love a break from cooking? I think we all would! Why not offer to make your mom a sweet homemade brunch?? 

 If she refuses, make it anyway! You could invite her over to your house for a nice late morning brunch together or bring it over to her home. Make sure to include a few of her favorite foods!

Need some tablescape ideas? Check out this post for some inspiration!

4. Homemade Body Sugar Scrub

Creating and gifting a homemade gift is always the best way to impress mom. Mom's just have a soft spot for homemade gifts no matter what age their kids are. 

Give your mom some pampering with a homemade Body Sugar Scrub! Not only is it great for her skin but smells amazing and she'll definitely look forward to you making again and again. Put it in a cute jar, tie a cute bow around it and you have the perfect gift!

5. DIY Essential Oil Room Spray

Nowadays mom's want their homes to smell great, especially for their own wellbeing and to help them rest peacefully at night. Not only does a natural DIY room spray smell amazing but it definitely beats turning on candles, which can be dangerous and if not careful with the type of candles they purchase release toxic fumes into the air.

6. Make Her Cookies

Does your mom have a favorite cookie or treat? Make it for her! Try to think of a yummy treat your mom would enjoy. Remember to wrap it up in some saran wrap and a pretty bow.

Need a cookie recipe idea, try these!

7. Homemade Bath Bombs

Does your mom have a tub? Well you can't go wrong with bath bombs, and homemade ones are the best because you know exactly what's in them. Mom can enjoy some much needed quiet time while enjoying a nice bath with a reminder of your special gift as she soaks.

Find one of my super easy shower/bath bombs here, perfect for year round!

8. DIY Drawer Sachets

If you or your mom have a garden full of Lavender then you'll have no problem recreating these Lavender Sachets. But if there's no lavender to be found for free, you can definitely purchase dried lavender at your local craft store for a very fair price.

Don't go spending money just yet though, reach out to friends and family if you know they may very well have some in their own back or front yards. Super easy to make!

9. Watch a Movie with Her

Nothing says 'love you mom' like spending quality time with her. It means the world to me when my kids decide to simply join me for a good movie all the way through! Especially when it's one of my personal picks.

Let her choose the flick and you bring the snacks!

10. Wall Art

Creating your own art as a kid and gifting it mom or grandma on Mother's Day was honestly the best gift. Not only did it feel good creating it as a kid but even felt even better receiving it as a grown up from my own kids.

No one is saying you have to be artistic or if you are Watercoloring is really popular these days, so take mom to a class if you can but if you're looking for something easy and free as Mother's Day is quickly approaching, you can easy find FREE art just about any where these days. Print one out and make, find or thrift a frame and you have a very beautiful gift mom will appreciate just like when you were a kid.

I decided it would be easy enough to offer my readers a FREE art template for you right here.
Right click on image below to download or click here to access.

Remember not everything has to cost money and can very well cost nothing as long as it's made with love and comes from the bottom of your heart. Personal and homemade gifts truly are the most special if you know they'll be appreciated. I for one love them and find them to be the sweetest. Hopefully your mom feels this way too!

Hope this post finds you all well and make sure to come back soon for more!

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