How To Save Money When Moving To A New House

The prospect of moving to a new home that suits your lifestyle and improves your quality of life is an amazing one. For most people, moving house is associated with a new chapter, but this awesome feeling can often be dampened by the practical stress that comes with relocating.

One of those practical sources of stress is, inevitably, money. 

Moving house costs money, no matter which way you go about it - the time off work, the moving, the contractual elements of either renting or buying a property - it comes at a price.

In this blog post I will talk about four easy ways to save money when moving to a new house after the pandemic.

1. Don’t skip the inspection. 

Although a thorough house inspection might seem like an unnecessary added expense, it can save you thousands of dollars down the road. If there’s an issue with the structure of the house, you can either pass on the sale or negotiate the price down further. 

One of the worst things that can happen after you buy a new home is finding out the foundation has cracked. Finding out you have a mold problem can be costly and affect the health of your family if not dealt with immediately. Though you can hire a mold remediation and removal company, spending the money on an inspection in the first place will save you the headache. 

2. Hire reputable movers who won’t rip you off.

Reputable movers might cost, on the face of it, a little more than less well-established companies would charge. However, the expense will be barely noticeable compared to the stress you could feel when dealing with irresponsible movers who cause damage to your property and waste your time.

That’s why hiring a reputable moving company like Allied Van Lines Canada will save you both mental stress and money. Ensure you are choosing a company that can fulfil your moving needs, keep your property safe and deliver on the timings you have requested too.

3. Recruit friends and family to help out. 

Friends and family are there for you in many life situations, and when it comes to moving, this is the time you need to rely on the people around you. You could even make the process more fun, by hosting a packing party with pals and family members who can help you box up your belongings all together.

On moving day, it is super important to have things like kids and pets off your hands while you complete the bulk of your move. That’s where friends and family come in - they can take kids and pets off your hands while you get the practical stuff out of the way on the day. Problem solved!

4. Little and often is the best way to pack and unpack.

Many people decide that they need to take weeks off work when they move house, in order to complete the packing and unpacking process as fast as possible. However, packing little and often can actually be a better system, and it’ll save you money too.

If, a few weeks before your house move, you commit to packing three or four boxes per night, you’ll be finished packing before you know it! That way, you don’t need to take as much time off from your job, and can still keep earning while you complete your move.

The same rule applies when you are in your new place! There might be a temptation to take lots of time off in order to make the place totally spotless, but the truth is, unpacking gradually will help you get a feel for the place more easily.

Overall, moving house is never going to come free - but with these tips, you can hopefully save your pennies while completing your house move.

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