Memorial Day Outdoor Entertaining

 Memorial Day is probably my preferred holiday over July Fourth. For some reason it just feels different or must be the fact that we don't get bombarded with fireworks on Memorial Day which makes it that much more enjoyable or relaxing. 

None the less we love the fact that this particular holiday kicks off the Summer season and that we get to finally start entertaining outdoors again, officially!

Stocking up on the outdoor entertaining necessities is always on my list come 
Spring. I've collected quite a few pieces throughout the years but there's always that one more or that additional one you're missing and gotta have or even replace. Not to mention there's different serving dishes I tend to use for different occasions.

Having the right dishes, cloth napkins, or tablecloths for the different holidays or occasions are a must. Which is why when that tends to be the case I make sure to find the best quality items at a fair price because I know they'll be useful for years to come.

So with that said, this year white enamel with a hint of black are some of my favorites for outdoor entertaining and a subtle hint of patriotic goes a long way. Check out my favorites below!

Enjoy! And Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!
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