Facebook Marketplace Bench Makeover

When I started to think about the entryway's floor and the change it would be making to that small space, I had to consider the overall look of it and for a while I knew that the original seating bench we have had now for about 2-3 years originally bought from Target was going to have to go.

You can reference to this post to see how much this space has evolved.

When I started looking for a bench, I did look to buy a new one at first but I just wasn't finding what I was looking for (which I had no clue what it was yet until I saw it) and whatever I did like, it was way out of my budget.
So I decided to do what I do best, look for a used one on Facebook Marketplace, it's been my go to for second hand lately. I wasn't sure if I would have much luck, but with much search and patience, I did.

I found this gem for only $20 buckaroos. I figured it was all wood, so sanding it down to its original grain and sealing it would be ideal.

Except once I started to sand the top, I realized that only the bottom was wood and the top was a mixture of manufactured wood or pieces of different components that are made to look like wood, therefore it wasn't going to have that grain look I was hoping for.

In the end I wasn't too upset about it because it's always much easier and less work to paint furniture than to sand it down.

But I didn't want the brush strokes so I went out and bought this to spray paint it and finish it much quicker.

I chose the black noir and it was more than enough and still have plenty left over for another minimal project if needed. After I finished giving it a couple of sprayed layers, I sealed it with one of my latest favorites indoor/outdoor water based sealers.


It actually turned out better than I'd hoped and now it I realize that it was meant to be this way rather than what I had wanted in the beginning of this project. I'm happy with how it all came together, I'll be sharing this complete space with you soon and the Summer refresh look we've given it since.

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