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To be honest I never expected to have one of our kids move out, it's always the next step after they graduate and their career takes off, but also no one really prepares you for that step as a parent. That being said, having a spare room wasn't imaginable or anything we expected to have any time soon.

But here we are. When our daughter mentioned she was planning to move out, it wasn't long before her brother had claim over her old room and I figured now we'll have an extra guest room or office but I didn't want to start thinking about details until everything was said and done. Plus I was too busy with the thought of missing our daughter and not having her around like we're used to.

That being said, I finally decided it would be best to distract myself with the details. I wanted this room to feel just as cozy as the rest of our home, but also to feel like a place we could work in, play in, relax in and if necessary to host a guest on an air mattress one day, to still feel cozy enough for them if so.

I knew this office would be playing a role especially for me for when I 'work from home' per contract, whenever I feel inspired to create, blog and also as our PaperCrownSugar headquarters for any business filing, orders, etc.

Luckily I already had most of what I wanted in this room accessible right in our garage. And speaking of our garage, when our daughter moved out it gave me the opportunity to clean house, meaning I cleaned, organized and sold A LOT of stuff, again! Spring cleaning never ends in the Rodriguez household.

Which by the way gave me some extra funds to spend towards the office on other things I still needed. So here's the break down of what I've purchased so far.

To be honest, I didn't start putting anything together until after I had put together a list in my head of what I had already in my garage to bring up. I love keeping pieces of furniture that I know eventually I will use or rotate within our home. Like these Ikea indoor/outdoor metal shelves, they were once in our kids rooms used for extra storage and once they didn't need them anymore I painted them gold knowing that eventually they would be of good use and they truly are in this office space.

The gold shelves surrounding the computer desk are now the best feature in this room. Personally I love that they can display some of our treasures and also be utilized for office necessities and storage. Can't wait to show you more. 

All in all this offie space has come together nicely within a fair budget and now it's only a matter of putting together the final touches. I've been really trying to reorganize by storing things in all the right places. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or if you have any questions, I'm always happy to answer them.


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