3 Helpful Tips For Stopping A Panic Attack

Those of you that suffer from any form of anxiety will know that panic attacks are a symptom that pops up now and then. You could be in the middle of doing your weekly shop, only for extreme panic to set in. Especially with the times it's normal to feel like the world is closing in or simply stress alone can cause a panic attack to come on.

A number of things can cause panic attacks, but they're usually characterized by increasing your heart rate, hyperventilating, and an overall sense of impending doom. A lot of people freeze when they have panic attacks as they feel completely helpless and don't know what to do. In some cases, you can feel like you're about to die. 

But that's not the case and there are helpful tips and exercises that can help.

Sometimes, you can feel a panic attack starting to come on, meaning there's a chance for you to stop it. When you start feeling extra anxious and your heart starts beating faster and your breath starts becoming shorter, you know that something is about to happen. 

Personally for me, my anxiety and panic attacks start with my body shaking.

When that seems to be the case, try these three tips to stop your panic attack in its tracks and calm yourself down:

Breathe slowly and deeply

The first thing you should do is focus on your breathing. Hyperventilating is usually the worst thing about panic attacks as your breathing gets shorter and faster, meaning less oxygen fills your lungs. 

As a result, you start feeling lightheaded and you could faint. 
Focus on taking slow and deep breaths. Breathe in for a count of three-seconds, then breathe out for a count of three-seconds. This will naturally slow down your breathing, which also reduces your heart rate and helps you feel more relaxed. 

Take something that helps you relax

The second tip is to use a supplement that can help you relax and calm down very quickly. There are plenty out there, but something like the CBD oil on CBDistillery is a good idea as you can carry it with you and pop it in your mouth when you feel anxious. Something like this — with natural ingredients — is going to help your nervous system get out of the fight or flight mode and into a more relaxed zone. Thus, you can stop your panic attack in its tracks. 

Remind yourself it is just a panic attack

Lastly, you need to keep reminding yourself that you are having a panic attack. What a lot of people struggle with is they have panic attacks but worry that something worse is happening. As mentioned earlier, you can genuinely feel like you're going to die or pass out. If you get it into your head that this is a panic attack that you can control, it is a lot easier to start slowing you're breathing and beginning to relax. 

Effectively, you aren't letting your mind get out of control; remind it that this is just a little panic attack that you can stop if you try to. 

Genuinely, these tips have helped a lot of people cope with panic attacks and stop them in their tracks. If you often struggle with these bouts of extreme anxiety at home or in public, be sure you remember the three ideas above. 

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