7 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

When do you replace windows? Most homeowners agree that when a window is broken beyond repair, it needs to be replaced. 

However, many choose to postpone replacement window installation until their windows have reached a dire state. 

In reality, the fear of making an unnecessary investment contributes to dramatic delays and risks. 

Contrary to common belief, delaying window improvements could be a false economy, even when your windows are not irremediably damaged. 

Here are the top 7 reasons why you need to prioritize replacement for older windows. 

#1. Stop pollen from coming in

According to the CDC, 19.2 million Americans aged 18 or over have been diagnosed with hay fever symptoms during the past 12 months. Hay fever can be linked to respiratory allergies. Individuals who suffer from hay fever are also likely to experience discomfort in the presence of other allergens, such as traffic fumes. 

Unfortunately, constant exposure to allergens weakens the immune system, making it difficult to fight off infections in the long term. If your windows can’t keep exterior allergens at bay, they aggravate exposure even when you are indoor. 

#2. Reduce energy costs

Do you feel a cold breeze even when the window is shut? Older windows can carry invisible damage within the frame. The outdoor air finds a way through. As tempting as it can be to use foam or silicone sealant to add an insulating coating around the frame, you need to be careful about DIY repairs. 

A damaged frame will not be fixed even if you prevent the air and moisture from penetrating your home. The frame could continue to degrade in contact with the elements, potentially affecting the structure of your home. 

The cold air and moisture can escape via the walls rather than the frame, making it difficult to heat your home in winter. Similarly, in summer, the warm air can find a way in and heat your home, leading to increased HVAC costs. 

#3. Update your style

Nothing like a new window frame to transform your interior! Windows are an essential feature of your home decor. They let the natural light through and also need to match your style. An outdated window structure could clash with your decor and create a mismatched atmosphere. If you struggle to fall in love with your interior style, changing your windows can help bring your decor together.  

#4. Brighten the room

Your windows are a source of natural sunlight. But the presence of windows isn’t always enough to brighten a room. Some rooms remain dark even though you’ve got a large window. What does this happen?

It’s a north-facing window; 

It doesn’t let enough natural light in; 

The window is too small. 

Even north-facing rooms can use windows to their advantage to bring in more light. A new window design that maximizes plain glass panes without additional structure can ensure a better light passage. North-facing rooms also need big and strategically positioned windows to make the most of daylight hours. In other words, the right window can brighten even the darkest of rooms. 

#5. Improve curb appeal

New windows don’t just improve your interior style. They also create an accent that is visible from the outside. Passersby and potential buyers pay close attention to your window arrangement. Out-of-style or worn-out windows can be a turndown point for prospective buyers as they affect your curb appeal. Realtors know that the first impression can make or break the deal when it comes to selling a property. Therefore, the appearance of your windows can elevate the property and make it more desirable for visitors. Modern architects also use elegant window placement to create a focal and stylish pattern that is enjoyable from the outside too. 

#6. Increase house value

Naturally, the curb appeal is only the tip of the iceberg. New windows mean better energy efficiency, more natural light, and a positive first impression. Buyers are more likely to offer a high price for a home with newly replaced windows. According to experts, you can expect an ROI of 70% on your window investment. Depending on your choice of window structure and technology, the ROI could increase significantly. 

#7. Enhance home security

Intruders are unlikely to break a window to gain access to your property, as it could attract your neighbors’ attention. However, many choose to break through a window rather than the front door. Older windows often lack security locks, making them easy to open for experienced burglars. New windows can help keep your property safe. 

There is more to the window than meets the eye. Indeed, replacing old windows can not only save your energy costs and bring your interior decor together, but it also enhances your home value and security. 

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