A Potting Bench Perfect for Gardening + Entertaining

 Adding an outdoor potting bench to our backyard space was something I had wanted to do for a very long time.

I've always loved how versatile they are when it comes to utilizing them.

I'm a gardener and I love taking care of my outdoor plants, therefore I was always working on the ground or on our patio tables if needed. Except with our latest outdoor furnishing investments, I no longer wanted to do that. I knew I needed a place to be able to play with my plants and store my gardening supplies and that meant investing in a potting bench.

In past times whenever I looked for a potting bench they were almost always out of my price range, it wasn't until recently that I realized that there are definitely a lot of affordable options out there you just have to search and look around to what best fits your budget and needs.

Besides utilizing my potting bench for all of my gardening needs and storage of soil and tools, I also wanted it to be accessible and elegant enough to use for serving and entertaining for our outdoor barbecues and al fresco meals as a family.


The bench does not come put together but it was easy enough for me to put it together myself and fairly quickly, only took me about an hour.

It was hard to decide on a color that I wanted to paint the potting bench but in the end I did want it to blend in with the rest of the outdoor decor and furniture. And by using paint I already had on hand, I saved myself some money too in not having to go out and buy new paint.

I already had these crates from Ikea on hand that I wasn't using either so I knew these would be perfect to add to it for extra storage. I did buy the Ikea metal trash can to store my potting soil and it fit perfectly underneath.

Besides painting the potting bench I decided to also spray paint the metal details on the potting bench and metal trash can such as the handles and hooks with bronze gold spray paint. It's one of those tiny details that adds a lot of character to any piece.

It was easy enough and took my time with all of the details. 

The tray is one of the things I absolutely wanted in a potting bench for repotting and for adding ice to chill my favorite wine or drinks ;)

I got lucky and found this unfinished potting bench and I love that it was raw because it gave me the opportunity to make it my very own. It was affordable and the perfect fit for this space.


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