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 Half way to being empty nesters is nothing I want to celebrate because it's definitely a new chapter and a new lifestyle to get used to, not to mention, I miss my daughter dearly.

But like I mentioned in my previous post "Home Office Mood Board" it's quite the adjustment and I'm thankful for the job that I have which comes as a great distraction. With that said this spare room which is now our home office amongst play room and everything else... makes me pretty happy when I walk into it. Every. Single. Time.

I shared most of the sources in my Home Office Mood Board blog post but I'll make sure to source them at the end of the post as well or similar ones since some items were DIY'd, found at the Dollar store or bought from thrift stores. 

Most of what is in this room was furnished with furniture and decor I already had on hand as well, personally I always recommend shopping your home first. I didn't want to spend too much to put this home office together. So I literally put it together as I went through the items I had, with no official plan. 

Ultimately the goal was for it to simply feel functional and welcoming and a room we could all see ourselves spend some time in. Whether it would be reading, playing, hanging out, relaxing, or working, I think I managed to achieve exactly what I was going for.

As you can see this room was also very much inspired by the colors scheme behind our business, PaperCrownSugar which is why it also plays a role as a storage room and in keeping items we use for shooting some of our treats and desserts, packaging supplies, shipping supplies, etc. 

The cubes currently are storing some business and personal files, clutches, scarves, coloring books and toys for keeping my nieces and nephews entertained. They come in pretty handy all while keeping things minimal and tidy.

Although I didn't get around to removing the popcorn ceiling and the painted wall is still unfinished, I'm especially proud of this space because of how quickly it came together and with mostly made up of items I already had. Looking forward to making small improvements, but even the smallest improvements take time and money so in time, they'll get done.


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