How To Get A New Look Without Buying A Whole New Wardrobe

Every so often, we look in the mirror and decide it’s time for a change. 

You might be tired of your current look and want a bit of a refresh, or you might want a complete overhaul of your look. 

Put together a mood board for your new look

Head to the internet for inspiration. Put together some Pinterest boards of looks that you like. Include hair, make-up, jewelry, and outfits for different occasions. This will help guide you when putting together your new look. 

Assess what you have

Like most people, you probably have a wardrobe filled with things you never wear. Get out all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories to see what you had. 
You’ll probably find things you forgot you had. 

Get rid of anything too worn, damaged, or doesn’t fit you. Then see what you have that will fit with the new look you want to go for. 

Do this with your shoes and jewelry too. You should be able to see any gaps. For example, if you’re jewelry is all yellow gold, then white gold Irish jewelry to your collection to give you more options. 

Build a capsule wardrobe

Buying a whole new wardrobe is out of most people’s budget. A good skill to learn is how to build a capsule wardrobe. This involves having a small number of key items and basics of good quality, which you can mix, match and accessorize to make a large number of outfits. 

If you’re not used to building a capsule wardrobe, a good rule is that when you’re deciding or not whether to buy something, if you can’t imagine it being a part of at least four other looks, then don’t buy it. 

Learn to accessorize

Even the most basic of outfits can be transformed with great accessories. Think shoes, boots, belts, bags, and jewelry. Having a selection at hand for different looks will allow you to change up your style without having to buy more clothes. 

For example, a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans paired with sneakers are a great casual day look. Take that same outfit, swap the sneakers for heels, throw on some statement jewelry and a blazer and you have an evening look too. 

Change your beauty habits

A great way to look and feel better quickly is to change your hair. Go for a new style that is up to date and compliments your face. Or, if you don’t want a drastic change, invest in some hair care products and make an effort to style your hair properly.

Skincare and makeup can also make a huge difference to the way you look. If you’ve been using the same products for years, they might not be working for you anymore as you get older and your skin changes.

Head to a department store and get a few free makeovers using colors and brands you’ve never tried before. It’s an inexpensive way of finding out what works for you without having to buy everything first. 


Changing your look doesn’t need to be really expensive, by learning a few tricks of the trade and choosing items carefully, you can transform your look without breaking the bank. 

Stay tuned for more coming soon.

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