How To: Getting More Savvy With Technology

A lot of us are connected to our phones at all times. They have so many practical applications when it comes to both our personal and professional lives that keeping them on us at all times simply makes sense. 

However, if that’s also the case, then how we use our time also becomes vitally important. Inefficiencies in how you use your phone can hold you back in work and outside of it, so, what can you do to combat it?

Plan out your screen time

It’s important to make sure that you’re using the time spent with your digital devices meaningfully. You don’t want screen time to become wasted time

As such, it’s important to plan out what you’re going to be using for when you bring it out and to make sure that it’s organized in such a way that you’re able to quickly access the tools that you use most often. Simply restructuring the apps on your phone so that the most practical and frequently used are placed first is one way to do this.

Blocking distractions

If you want to make sure that you’re using your time in a structured and meaningful way, you also need to make sure that you’re only using the apps that help you towards your current goal. However, the will can be weak, and sometimes social media and other entertaining or distracting apps can get in the way. 

To that end, you can use app-blocking apps to make sure that you’re only using certain tools at specific times of the day. That way, you won’t be stuck with your head buried in social media when you should be working.

Don’t let the device slow you down

As we use our digital devices more frequently, they become more prone to issues that can make them inefficient, such as slowing down. Often, slowing devices are down to a hard drive being too full or data not being kept in the optimal place. Backing up your data frequently so that you can delete temporary data and learning how to delete duplicate photos and other space-consuming media can be vital. 

Fresh reinstalls of apps can also clear temp data from their cache, too, making them easier to use.

Use it less often

If you want to get yourself out of the habit of using your technology inefficiently or you want to curb specific habits like dipping into social media too often, then you should try to limit how much you actually use those devices in the first place. 

For instance, you can use screentime monitoring apps to make sure that you’re only using it for a specific amount of time a day, after which the device will lock. You can build in ways to get around the lock if you really need to, but try to stay disciplined.

We all get a lot of screen time nowadays. Sometimes too much, even. 

As such, it’s important to make sure that said time is being used well and, hopefully, the tips above can make sure it is.

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