How To Use Herbs To Treat Common Symptoms

While heading to the medicine cabinet is a great way to deal with life’s aches and pains, you might also be unaware that you have some great medical marvels lurking in your refrigerator or cupboards at home. 

Here are tried and tested at-home remedies with herbs you can try. 
Should you grow your own herbs?

These herbal remedies contain herbs and other ingredients you often have in your fridge or cupboards for various recipes. 

However, if you cook a lot, it might make sense to grow your own herbs or mushrooms using equipment from Out-Grow or seeds that you can buy inexpensively online. 

Today I'm sharing a few herbs that can help treat some common oral and physical symptoms.

Parsley - oral hygiene

Everyone likes their breath to be fresh. The best way to achieve this is t practice good dental hygiene. But if you’re feeling like your breath isn’t as good as it should be, there is another way to freshen it up that doesn’t involve trying to cover up the smell with mint. 

Parsley has been used for centuries for bad breath. It smells nice but also contains works to break down sulfur, which is often the cause of bad breath. 

Try chewing some leaves, or steeping in some hot water and drink it as tea. 

Oats - dry skin

Many people experience dry skin from time to time. Oats are ideal for this. In fact, many creams for eczema and dry skin include oat extract. Take some regular porridge oats, tie them up in a muslin cloth or even a clean thin sock, and place them in your bathwater. 

Your skin should feel soothed and calmed afterward. 

Ginger - nausea

A pregnant woman’s best friend. Ginger has been used for hundreds of years as a way to settle stomachs. You can buy ginger teas or candies to snack on if you’re feeling nauseated. 
If you have some ginger in the house, steep some in some hot water with a little honey and drink it slowly. 

Peppermint - nausea, and indigestion 

If a rich meal is giving you indigestion, then peppermint can soothe your stomach and relieve bloating. Don’t use it if you have heartburn, as this can make it worse. 

Lavender - headaches 

Not only does lavender look great in the garden, but its scent is also fantastic for treating a number of symptoms. Many people use it as an essential oil for relaxation and insomnia. If you have some growing in the garden, you can add some of the flowers to your bath and then relax, letting the stress leave your body and reduce your pain.
You can also place some flowers in a small organza bag or tied up in a muslin cloth, you can then take a few moments to hold them next to your nose and breath in the scent. 

My final thoughts

Herbs and other plants can be great in treating various symptoms. They have been used for hundreds of years alongside conventional medical treatments and can be an ideal way for you to deal with some common medical problems. 

And keep in mind that natural herbal or plant based essential oils are also another option in treating certain symptoms. Inhaling healthy oils is just as beneficial for self care.


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