My Current Morning Routine

Currently as a full time influencer/blogger and small business owner, not every day looks or will be quite exact. 

As for my current morning routine, I think it's definitely quite different from most. And if I'm being honest, I prefer to start my mornings slow. Specifically the first hour of my day. 

I definitely don't work out in the mornings, only if I have to, I prefer to work out mid afternoons, not sure why, it's just when I feel I need it most. 

I usually plan out my daily checklist the night before so I already have an idea of what my day will look like but I also don't like to plan out too much because a lot of the time my plans sometimes change throughout the day and I like to have the flexibility to change my schedule if needed. I like to leave wiggle room for unexpected errands or whatever the day may bring.


Like I mentioned, not all of my mornings look the exact same except for the first hour of my day. But my wake up hour is almost always at 6:30 a.m., having a regular bed time and morning wake up call is everything to me, especially if I want to feel good and have more time and energy to get things done. And I'm definitely a morning person, I love having quiet mornings to myself after my husband heads off to work. 

Therefore getting up at the same every day for me is important except for the weekends, I love that on weekends I can let my body get up when its ready to do so. Usually it's still around the same time, I may sleep a half hour extra but that's about it.


 Once I get up the first thing I do is take the dogs out (now being only Solo since Rosa now lives with my daughter) for their morning routine. Once we come back home or inside, thanks to my husband coffee is hot and ready, he makes it as soon as he gets up which is usually by 5:30 every day because he's usually out the door by 6:30. 

It's a nice perk when you don't have to wait for the coffee to brew so I'm thankful for him and coffee of course! I recently asked my followers over on Instagram how they drink their coffee which is always fun to know and I also  shared how I tend to drink mine per the usual or what I order when I actually go out for some.

Before coffee though I also like to take a shot of ginger or green juice, my usual pick is this one from Wholefoods. It has ginger and celery and lots of other greens that give me that extra boost I need in the morning and gets my metabolism going. Occasionally I'll throw in a shot of apple cider vinegar with some honey if I don't have either of those on hand.


Once my coffee cup is full, I sit and have had a sip or two with my husband before he's off to work. We like to talk about whatever we have planned or didn't get to talk about the day before, sometimes it's just the best time for us to catch up on things.

After he's left, I make sure things are picked up and tidy downstairs before eventually making my way back up to our bedroom. I then make our bed. I love that we no longer have a bulky bed frame. It makes all the difference when it comes to making our bed and I have to say we really love our new comforter duvet cover it's making all the difference this Summer it's not too hot or. cold. Plus we're loving the cozy feel and look of our bed once it's all made and put together.


Soon after I change into my workout clothes, its become a ritual. I love getting into my workout clothes first thing if I have nothing in particular planned to be dressed for. This sets the mood for me and motivates me and it helps me look forward to my usual afternoon workouts. I rarely workout in the mornings, and if I do it's only because I won't be able to schedule it into my afternoon. 


After I wash my face, brush my teeth, do my hair if needed or throw it up in a bun or throw a hat on! I start by applying this to my face to protect my skin all day every day, sunscreen is necessary to add to anyone's routine male or female. Next I apply my eye cream and I live by this eye and lip cream, been using it for years and crows feet have yet to be seen! I finish by applying a daily moisturizer

Currently because of the warmer weather I'm all about sticking to a neutral makeup routine which you can find my go-to staples here.


Now that school is out for good for my son at least until Spring of 2022 which he'll be driving himself to classes by then and/or doing school from home, it's definitely going to be a different pace than the norm for me come this Fall.

Usually during the Summer it's completely different anyway. I actually find myself with a little extra time in the mornings, which is always nice, not having to rush out the door.

Like I mentioned before, I've usually made my to-do list and planned out my day the night before using my planner. I do my best to stick to a schedule during the day to help me stay on track and not get distracted. Which is hard sometimes, cause my mind is always going at a 100 miles per hour (Why is it SO easy to get distracted?! Eek!).


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