Wellness Checks You Should Think About When You Hit 30

While you never want to get too paranoid about your health, there’s no denying that things can start to change as we get a little older. 

Today, I'm going to talk about some of the health checks that everyone should look into getting a little more regularly once they pass the age of 30.

Your health might not be going downhill just yet but if you catch any changes earlier, you can acclimate to them better, too.

Get your heart checked

Both men and women become more prone to issues such as heart disease, angina, and heart attacks as they get older. Men typically tend to be at a higher risk, but factors such as weight and exercise levels 

The most basic annual physical with your doctor will involve taking in the indicators of your heart health, including blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

Get your eyes looked at

30 isn’t exactly the age you should start worrying about when aspects of your health such as your eyesight might start to deteriorate.

However, it’s important to get your vision tested every few years even if you are relatively young. Aside from the fact that changes to eyesight are gradual and can be hard to notice, it’s also worth noting that you need a baseline test so that future changes become easier to notice, as well.

Keep an ear out for hearing

More than ten percent of us are going to experience hearing loss at some time. While age-related degeneration of hair cells in the ear is a leading cause, there are preventable causes as well, with exposure to excess levels of noise being the most common. Modern hearing aid technology has made it that hearing loss is a lot easier to manage and a higher quality of life is afforded to those who live with it, in general. 

However, a routine hearing check is still recommended to ensure you catch any changes as fast as you can so you can act more quickly on them.

Keep an eye on your bone density

This is a factor that affects women more than men, but everyone should have a bone density test at least once when they’re younger. It is true that these issues tend to become more common as we get older, but issues like osteoporosis aren’t unheard of in younger people, at all. Reduced bone density is manageable, but it’s best to catch it as soon as possible.

The big C

We don’t like to think of the potential of developing cancer at any point, but when we turn 30 is a good time to make sure you get a few checkups for the most common kinds. 

For women, self-examinations are good but a breast exam and cervical examination should be scheduled. For men, testicular self-examinations and prostate checks are recommended, too.

As we get older, we all become a little more susceptible to the health risks lurking out there. It doesn’t mean you have to be overly worried, just be aware of the risk, cautious, and ready to catch the signs as early as they might happen.

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