A Guide To Choosing Toys For Toddlers

There’s no shortage of toys out there aimed at toddlers. 

The difficult part is knowing exactly which toys to choose. Ideally you want something that is going to get played with more than once - ideally a toy that will help with your child’s development. 

Below are a handful of tips to help you choose the right toy. 

Make it fun and educational

Some toys are great for not just providing entertainment but also educating kids. When looking for toys for toddlers, consider toys that help teach numbers, the alphabet, shapes, colors and new words. 

There are toy cars and animals with buttons that play songs and others that incorporate games (such as identifying shapes or numbers) - these toys can encourage your kids to learn while playing. Children’s books are also great for helping kids to learn new words.
Nurture their imagination and problem-solving

The toddler stage is a prime time for expanding your child’s imagination and developing their problem-solving skills. Think about toys that help kids to explore these traits. Lego bricks, arts and crafts and toy musical instruments will help to build creative skills, while toy kitchens and dress-up costumes can encourage imaginative play. 

Shape sorters, nesting blocks and jigsaw puzzles are meanwhile great for developing problem solving. 

Consider their favorite TV shows

You may be able to find toys related to your child’s favourite TV shows such as these Super Wings 3-in-1 Build-It Buddies. Kids are much more likely to grow attached to these toys if they already have the familiarity of a TV show. 

You may even be able to find kids-TV-themed toys that encourage imaginative play and problem-solving skills.

Buy something for the bath

Bath toys are great ways to make bath time more fun (for kids that don’t like the bath, they can be a great encouragement for making it less stressful). There are all kinds of toys that you can buy for the bath such as floating toys, toys that squirt water and even toys that illuminate. Toddlers are less likely to get bored of these toys because they know that they only get to play with them at bath time. 

Encourage outdoor play

You could also consider toys that encourage your kids to play outdoors. Bicycles and scooters are great when walking long distances - kids are less likely to get tired or bored when on a bike or scooter. When it comes to backyard toys, think about toys like bubble machines, toy lawnmowers, inflatables and paddling pools. 

Be wary of messy and noisy toys

If you’re not buying for your own toddler, you may want to check with the parent before buying anything too messy or noisy. 

While toddlers generally love messy and noisy toys, they could be a source of frustration for parents. Play dough is a good example - it can be a nightmare to get out of carpets and some parents may have a household ban on it for this reason. Other parents may have no problem with it.


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