Energy-Efficiency Tips for your Home

There are many reasons why becoming more energy conscious is a good course of action. 

Firstly, by being able to reduce your energy consumption, you will receive lower bills. Many families who are struggling should really consider the small things such as energy efficiency when they are looking for ways to lower their spending. 

Secondly, it is the responsible and environmentally friendly thing to do. Less usage results in less energy needed to be created. You also need to consider the fact that the planet has a drive to get off of fossil fuels. 

This means that as time goes on and more and more people are using the energy grid, energy generation will have a harder time keeping up with demand. This also means everyone needs to develop better habits and do their part now.  

Turn the Thermostat Down

Even if you only turn it down by a few degrees, every little helps. If you are used to your home feeling a bit like a furnace in the winter, this is unnecessary heat and is actually not good for the environment, your bills, or your health, to be perfectly honest. It can make you feel bunged up, give you headaches, a dry throat, and skin problems. 

So keeping the temperature ambient is ideal. In addition, the same ambiance rules should be followed when it comes to the air-con. Don’t make things too cold.   

Maintain your Freezer

Regular maintenance of your freezer by defrosting it every now and again is essential in making sure that it continues to work effectively and efficiently. Don’t allow the ice to build up, covering the freezing elements.

If you have a freezer that is usually half empty, this is using more electricity than needed, so fill up used water bottles and fill the empty space with those. That trick will help keep the bills down.

Wash Clothes at Low Temperatures

Ideally, a cold wash is the most energy-efficient. However, this is not always possible. Consider instead using washing clothes at 90degress as opposed to the usual 110 degrees. That can actually help you reduce energy consumption by 40% per wash. 

Also, avoid washing half loads as this can be a real waste of energy.

Sign-Up To a Community Initiative

Energy efficiency is a subject that is not going away. Pretty much everyone from every walk of life will have heard of it by now, which means that there will be many community initiates to help you save energy, money and be more environmentally friendly.  One such initiative is which offers you green energy from a solar farm. 

So, instead of buying from the usual energy company, when you sign up, you will be guaranteed green energy from a community solar farm. So, at least you know your money will be used for a good cause. 

Get Off Standby

Take a look around your house and identify all the appliances with a light. All of these will be using electricity when they are apparently turned off. T.V’s, game consoles, microwaves, air conditioners are all culprits you need to turn off properly.

To help you make smart buying decisions, I've put together a list of our favorite products for energy efficient homes.
  • Smart Power Strips
  • Charging Stations
  • LED Lights
  • Smart Thermostats.
  • Energy Saving Apps
  • Smart Fridges and Kitchen Appliances
  • Energy Efficient Plumbing
  • High Efficiency Laundry Machines

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