Self-Care Tips Without the Bubble Bath

When you are busy taking care of everyone around you, it is not uncommon to forget to take care of yourself. 

But self-care for ourselves isn’t something that we should easily forget about or consider unimportant, because it is. There is so much more to self-care than a simple bubble bath and some candles - although that is a great way to relax, it's not the only way.

Here are some simple self-care tips for busy people to add some into their weekly or monthly routines.

Friends and connections

While we might find solace on the internet and see that everyone is a secret introvert with a low social battery just like us, friendships are still important

It is not uncommon when you are feeling low to let notifications pile up, and then they begin to feel overwhelming to deal with. 

Setting a little bit of time aside to reach out and talk with friends and family can improve our mood - even if we were reluctant at first. 

If you have time, then head out and get a drink and a slice of cake and enjoy a proper catch-up. 


Book in massages, time with chiropractic care, sauna sessions, and beauty treatments. Having someone carefully massage your painful and tight muscles or perform a cleansing beauty treatment is real self-care time. 

And since it is booked, you need to make sure you take time out of your everyday routine to get it done. 

Being pampered by someone else is lovely to spend a few hours and the perfect way to fill a lunch break. 

Bedtime routine

Do you feel like you are running from work to cooking the evening meal, cleaning, to some TV time and bed? It sounds like a lot because it is. 

It gives you no time to kick back and unwind. Your bedtime routine is an essential part of making sure you are ready to sleep by the time you get to bed. If you go to bed with your phone in your hand, then you’re not going to manage to drift off that easily. 

Starting your bedtime routine at least two hours before you actually want to sleep will help ensure that you climb into bed ready to get a good night’s sleep. 

If you need tips to create a great morning routine, check out this post: My Current Morning Routine

Time for you

No matter what you have going on in the week, make sure that you have some time blocked out to do what you enjoy. 

Ensure that everyone knows that this time is sacred to you - and make sure you use it. 

Sometimes it is easier to leave the house to ensure you get that time without anyone interrupting you or demanding your time and attention. 

Plan something to look forward to at least once a month. Looking forward to something can list our mood and keep us going even if the hours are long at work or home. 

A new show at the movies, an evening at a restaurant you have been waiting to try, or perhaps even a weekend aways. 

These are small and simple ways to make sure you get a little self-care. 

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