4 Ideas To Get A Side Hustle Going

A side hustle is an additional, typically small job for some extra cash. While the term has generally described any type of work done in addition to one's primary occupation, it more recently came to be associated with part-time, informal business opportunities, especially those based on technology or starting up at home.

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Here Are Four Ideas To Get You Started

Crypto Mining

There are hundreds of new cryptocurrencies being introduced each month. While it is technically possible to mine any of these coins, not all of them are worth your time or effort. 

The cryptocurrencies that make the most sense for a side hustle include over the counter crypto orders for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero DigitalCash, and Ripple. Cryptocurrency mining can be done using either CPU or GPU power, depending on the specific coin being mined. 
Still, it will require you to have some extra equipment beyond just your normal computer. 

Additionally, cryptocurrencies are volatile, so you should only invest money you don’t mind potentially losing during this early stage in their development.


Blogging has been around for several years as a way to share insights online. While some bloggers are able to make a full-time living from their blogs, the successful ones usually have something unique about them that makes people want to read about their daily lives.

To start a blog of your own, you will need web hosting and domain registration, which can range in price depending on how much space and bandwidth you need. You may also want to invest in paid advertisement services like Google AdSense. Although it takes time before high monthly earnings are reached, blogging has one of the lowest barriers for entry on this list.

Freelance writing

Freelance writers often find themselves limited by publishers who pay low rates or work with companies like UpWork that take 20% of your income once it lands in your account. However, for stay-at-home moms, getting paid for blogging or freelance writing can be a way to stretch those last dollars.

Many freelancing sites like PeoplePerHour and Fiverr offer low-cost options for finding short term projects you can complete in a couple of hours. 

However, if you would prefer someone to pay your bills each month instead of just one project at a time, try selling your articles on Contentmart. This site pays up to $50 per article, which could eventually add up much faster than landing occasional gigs.

Online Teaching

Online teaching is one of the best ways stay-at-home moms can earn money from home because it requires no advanced degree or certification to get started. Some examples of jobs that allow you to teach online include tutoring, creating educational courses, and offering professional administrative support.

The main advantage of working with an online education-based company is that you can set your own hours, making finding time for this side hustle much easier.

The global demand for English education has caused the industry to grow quickly over the past several years, with many well-known companies seeing strong profits each year. You can either sell your courses on online platforms or create videos yourself and market them on YouTube.

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