A "Friend's Show" Fall Inspired Birthday Celebration

 This 'Friends' inspired fall celebration came about late summer last year. Just when we thought all was well and normal in the world again before that second pandemic wave hit us.

Nonetheless is was a celebration I never got around to sharing with you guys and now only seemed like the right time. With the holidays coming up, this is such an inspiring celebration and we didn't want you guys to miss out.
Last year (2020) due to the Pandemic, my daughter was not able to celebrate her March birthday and so come August we decided it would be nice to combine my daughter's 21st birthday with my husband's 40th. 

These are two big milestone birthdays and we didn't want them to miss out completely.

That being said, my daughter planned the whole thing. She had had this Fall-tistic FRIENDS show theme in mind and made it happen. Yes, you heard or read that right. A fall celebration in the midst of Summer! Of course, not without my help and the help of Bottles & Blooms.

I will make sure to source everything at the end of this post.

But in the meantime can we admire this cake made by my talented daughter and business partner.

We wanted a no fuss menu considering we were only having so many limited guests and the party took place fairly between lunch and dinner.

So the grazing table became the show stopper of the party amongst other things. You'll see.

Keep scrolling.

Again, this was a Friends fall inspired birthday celebration and the subtle touches of the show around the party were the most fun and surprising to our guests.

It's not a FRIENDS party without Joey's favorite sayin' or is it?!

The balloon arch was a labor of love, my daughter and I put this together and it turned out better than we expected, definitely worth the time. I'll share below the magic balloon machine we use for all of our balloon arches and decor.

My daughter loves "Friends' including myself, but we love Fall most of all and Halloween therefore some small spooky touches were necessary, don't you think? They definitely added some whimsy.

Now let's get to the second best part of the party, the photo backdrop. Somehow my daughter was able to find this amazing couch to duplicate the one on the show. It was a rental, sourced below.

The rest of the backdrop items, such as the garlands were created by my daughter with velvet fabric which she cut by hand all herself. The pillows, rug and stool were ours and just added the perfect touch, and the colors couldn't have been more perfect. 

These pre-mixed drinks were the perfect addition to the party and hassle free when it came to having to worry about serving drinks or having a bar available.

All they needed was to be filled with ice and voila! 

Thanks to Bottles & Blooms creatives and incredible selection.

Our guests could not leave the party without a sweet favor to go. What better than you know, the one with Phoebe's Cookies.  

And a huge thanks to our sweet young and beautiful photographer who we proudly call our friend. She did an amazing job capturing the best part of this party in our very small yet intimate space we call home.


Grazing Table - Bottles & Blooms
Pre-mixed Cocktails - Bottles & Blooms
Balloon Arch - Faye Claire Styling
Dried Florals - Bottles & Blooms
Iconic 'Orange' Couch - Archive Rentals
Friends TV Show Thank you tags - Etsy
Friends TV Show Thank you sign - Etsy


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