Healthy Lunch Box Options to Make for Kids

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When your kids take their own lunch to school or need lunch for other reasons, trying to think of healthy options isn't always easy. You don't just want to send them away with a bunch of unhealthy snacks when you know you could pack them something more nutritious. But finding the time and energy to both research healthy recipes and put them together can be tough. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for healthy lunch box foods. If you're organized, you can also prepare all of their lunches at the beginning of the week so that they're ready to be packed every day.

Chop Up Lots of Fruit and Veggies

If you want to get some healthy food into your child's lunch box, vegetables and fruit are a great addition. Simply cutting them up into sticks or sections is a great way to make different fruits and vegetables easy to eat. You could also include a healthy dip to make them more exciting. 

Another idea is to make your own homemade Lunchables. Include some vegetable sticks, some crackers, and some cheese for a healthy version of the popular lunch trays. You control what goes into it, so you can choose healthy options that still make fun finger food.

Make a Filling Salad

Salad is almost always a healthy option to pick but a plain salad on its own is probably not a very exciting lunch. It's also not always very filling, especially if you mostly have salad leaves and not much else. If you want to make a more filling salad, consider making it with rice, pasta, noodles, couscous, or a similar type of grain or carbohydrate. 

There are lots of different ingredients you can use, and you can mix them with all kinds of vegetables and various flavors. Then you can add a healthy dressing or sauce to top it off.

Bake Some Healthy Treats

Baked treats don't have to be cakes or cookies that are full of sugar. There are fun things that you can bake that are still healthy but look and taste like treats. Muffins are a great option, with savory recipes available that offer delicious lunch box treats. 

You can try carrot muffins with no added sugar for a healthy but fun option to add to lunch boxes. Baking without sugar can actually open up a world of possibilities when you're looking for healthy items for lunch.
Jazz Up a Sandwich

Sandwiches can seem like the boring option for lunch boxes. However, a sandwich doesn't have to be a limp couple of slices of bread with ham or cheese in the middle. There are plenty more things you can do with sandwiches and some sandwich-adjacent options to try too. Try out different types of bread and various fillings to find more exciting choices. You could also make wraps or even something like quesadillas for something similar to a sandwich but a little different.

If you want to pack your kids healthy lunches, there are all kinds of fun things you can include that are nutritious.

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