How To Foster Positive Relationships | Kids and Grandparents

Seeing your parents become grandparents is always a strange experience. Where your parents may have been strict with you when you were a child, they can often become soft and indulging when it comes to their grandkids.

It’s a beautiful sight for most: seeing the people who looked after you now look after your own child.
This isn’t the case for everyone. Plenty of people aren’t lucky enough to have positive relationships with their parents. Some people’s parents pass away before they can meet their grandchildren.
These sad circumstances should encourage those who are lucky enough to have their parents in their lives to cherish that relationship as much as possible. Unfortunately, the awful reality is that most children won’t have their grandparents in their lives forever.
Knowing that time might be short, fostering the best relationship possible between grandchild and grandparent is essential.
But how should this be done? Luckily, there are plenty of tips on bringing your kids and their grandparents together in today’s post. With this list, you should end up with your kids looking forward to the time they get to spend with their grandparents.
Spend time together

The best – and most obvious way – to foster a good relationship between your kids and their grandparents is to arrange frequent time they can spend together.
Relationships are mostly built on time and shared memories. For this reason, time at home is great, but time doing this can be more effective.
At home, your child can trust that they are safe with their grandparents. They can get to know their grandparents’ house (which over time will become a strong memory) and learn to be comfortable around them.
On trips out – this could be as simple as going to the park or as exciting as a trip to the beach – your children get to develop core memories around their grandparents. If you stop and think about your grandparents, you’ll probably find you still have some memories of your own about experiences like these.
With all the time they spend together, your child will bond with their grandparents. Yet time spent together is also great for your parents. They can learn more about their grandchild from this time together – from questions or even just watching them play.
Be aware of any health issues
As people get older, they tend to have more health issues. Whether this is joint issues that might make walking difficult, sight or hearing problems, or anything else, some health issues might get in the way of a grandchild and grandparent bonding.
It can be hard to explain to a child – especially if they are very young – that they need to act a certain way around their grandparent. For example, say they have sight issues: it’s important to make clear to your child the reality, so they aren’t shocked or uncomfortable when they meet with their grandparent.
As a parent to your child, and a child to your parents, it’s your job to keep on top of your parents’ health. Health issues can arise at any point and can often appear and decline quite rapidly. Keeping your eyes out for signs of hearing loss, sight loss, or joint issues is important for your parents, as well as your children, and – ultimately – you. 

If you are worried about catching the signs of health issues like hearing loss, you can learn more online. 
Invite grandparents to important events

Your child will come to see their grandparents as important relationships if they are there for big milestones.
This could be inviting grandparents to birthday celebrations or even having them come to a school play.
Your child will feel supported and loved by their grandparents when they see them at these important events. Plus, it’s likely your parents will enjoy getting to spend these big moments with their grandchild.
Have your child create things for their grandparents
Relationships are a two-way street: this is a great lesson to teach your child when they are young. By getting your child to make things for their grandparents, they will begin to learn this.
Children are naturally creative. Whether you encourage your child to draw their grandparents a picture or write them a letter, this object will show your child that there is joy in putting effort into a relationship, and your parents will love to receive such a gift from their grandchild.
When it comes down to it, grandparents aren’t around forever. By spending time with them now, your child will carry memories of them around, even when they are gone.

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