How to Keep Your Children Safe Around the Pool

Every child loves the pool. Whether it is wintertime and you are taking the kids on a trip where it is warm, or if it is summer where you are and you own a pool, there are a lot of safety protocols that need to be put in place to ensure your child’s safety. 

There are things you can teach your children, and there are things you can learn for yourself that will enable the whole family to be safe when they are around water. 

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Here are a few ways you can keep your child safe the next time you are at the pool. 

Swim Lessons

Sending your child to swim lessons is worth every penny. Swim lessons start when your child is an infant. Instructors will teach your infant how to roll over onto their backs in order to get air and float in the pool. Lessons will go on from there and your child will be taught how to swim when they have full understanding of their body. 

Swim lessons will keep your child safe whenever they are around water. Always keep an eye on a child when he or she is swimming to guarantee their safety. 

Know CPR/First Aid

Being certified in CPR is one of the best skills you can hone when you have children, especially when you are around the pool. In the event that your child or another child has an accident in the pool where they are unable to swim and start to drown, you will be able to save that child’s life by performing CPR. 

CPR certification is easy to do, and you can do it online through sites like MyCPR NOW, and you can be on your way to knowing how to save someone’s life around a pool. Having the certification will give you peace of mind that you are able to help in an emergency and help is always at hand. 

Know Your Child’s Skill Level

Every parent should be aware of how well their child can swim. Even if your child is in swim lessons, they may not be ready to go at it alone. Always have a life jacket or some other swimming aid available in the event your child is not feeling confident enough to swim outside of their lessons. 

Swimming is not something that a child should be forced into if they’re not ready for it yet because that can cause them to freeze up and not swim well and potentially drown. Know where your child’s confidence level is and plan accordingly. 

Avoid Diving

Every year there are serious injuries from people diving into pools and hitting their heads on the bottom of the pool. Teach your children that only certain areas of the pool are designed for diving, and in most public pools diving is prohibited no matter how deep the water. 

Teaching your child how to be smart and safe around the pool will guarantee they will enjoy swimming without injury or fear. 

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