4 Main Problems And How To Fix Them When Moving Houses

Moving house is something that comes with a lot of emotions. 

It’s exciting to move to a new home. It’s a fresh start and potentially the chance to have a bigger place with more space for making incredible memories. 

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But moving home also comes with a lot of stress and a lot of work. If you’re unprepared before you move, those last days getting everything ready can be a lot to handle, putting a dampener on what should be an enjoyable time. 

Get yourself ready for your next move by learning the four main problems of moving house, and how to fix them.

1. Having too much stuff to move

It’s easy to hold onto things you don’t need. From old clothes to broken gadgets and books you no longer read, stuff can accumulate very quickly in your home. If you have a lot of unwanted stuff in your existing home, do you really want to take it with you to your next one? 

Taking time to declutter your entire home will not only help you get rid of things you no longer need, but you’ll also make lighter work of moving. It will be a big weight off your mind to unpack in your new home knowing you’re starting your next chapter a little lighter. 

2. Leaving everything to the last minute

Moving is a big undertaking, and as with any big job, it’s easy to put it off. Moving home involves a lot of different tasks, coordination and planning. If you’re sensible and put a plan in place early, you can work backwards from your moving date to make sure everything is covered off and nothing is left until the last minute.

3. Taking it all on yourself

When you’re project managing a house move, it can feel like you’re doing everything yourself. So why not share it out? You can share tasks between family members and anyone else who’s happy to help, or you can hire some help. 

Moving companies are a great investment to save you some time, and North American Van Lines could help make your move much easier. Having someone take care of the heavy lifting, and even the packing, could ease a lot of moving stress, so you can focus on getting your new home ready.

4. The moving out clean

Cleaning your home before you leave it to the new owners is important. It’s polite, and you’d expect the same thing to be done in your home. Get a handle on some of the bigger cleaning jobs in advance so it’s not one monstrous effort towards the end. You’ll be able to put your new skills to the test when you move and create the ideal cleaning routine.

Moving is great once you’re in your new place, but it’s getting there that can be hard. By pre-empting some of the main problems, you can put plans in place to make your move a little easier and help you enjoy the perfect start in your new place.

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