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You may recall in the past I reviewed Smile Brilliant's custom-fitted whitening system and their Smile Brilliant cariPRO Electric Toothbrush which I was VERY pleased with the results and loved their toothbrush. 

I'm excited to announce that I am partnering with them again because their custom-fit night guards are a must-have and one I've been waiting for practically my whole life.

I've known for a long time that I've needed a night guard but I always seemed to put it off or didn't do the research I needed to. Truth is sometimes google doesn't always give you a straight answer.  And relying on social media for the recommendations we need is needles to say sometimes very necessary.

Smile Brilliant's lab-direct process makes achieving professional results at an affordable price easy. In the last few years, they've taken this model and expanded their line of oral health products to include something for everyone - from the newest in the cariPRO line - a cordless water flosser that allows for easy and effective cleaning, to oral probiotics to improve the actual microbiome of our mouths!

Smile Brilliant's affordable, lab-direct process is not just for teeth whitening - this exact method allows them to create custom night guards exactly as the dentist would & send them straight to you!
Night guards protect our teeth from the effects of grinding and clenching while we sleep - which can cause discomfort, damage to our teeth and jaw over time. 
I've had jaw clenching problems for a long time and my dentist has even recommended a custom-fit night guard so talking to your dentist about it beforehand is highly recommended, in my opinion.

This system is actually rated #1 Best Overall by in 2021 for the unique combination of comfort, durability, affordability, customization and lifetime reorder! In my case, the dentist noticed that I was grinding my teeth and offered to create me a custom night guard, but it would have cost more than $800! 

So I was so thrilled to find Smile Brilliant's super easy, affordable option! The best part is that if I ever need a replacement guard - I can simply order a new one at any time for almost nothing!

Besides having the custom-fit night guard below are a few of their latest products...
You can purchase any of their products including your very own custom-fit night guard now and use my discount code CHARMEDCROWNBLOG20 for 20% off your purchase!

Hurry don't miss out!

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