Four Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Christmas

The "heart" of the holiday season is our houses. It's where we all come together to eat, play, and celebrate. But, let's be honest, getting our houses ready for the holidays can be stressful, especially if we're trying to stay within a budget. 

Here are four ways to get your house ready for Christmas without breaking the bank (or your mind!).


Decluttering today will save you time later, and it's completely free! Declutter the major living areas and high-traffic parts of the house first. Remove any unneeded goods from the kitchen surfaces, refrigerator, and pantry, and discard outdated food.

Clean out the cupboards and designate a spot for each dish, cup, pot, and pan; this will make cleaning up after those late-night Christmas parties a snap. Donate old coats and shoes to the coat closet, and leave plenty of empty hangers for guests to use. The Just Living Blog has some great home tips to help. 

Decorate The Important Areas

While a touch of holiday decor can turn any place into a cosy winter paradise, decorating every room in the house may be expensive. Rather, begin by decorating the key areas of your home using pieces you've accumulated over time.

Decorate your living area with holiday-themed throw pillows, illuminated garland, and, of course, your Christmas tree. Holiday placemats, dish towels, and a holiday centerpiece will add a festive touch to the kitchen and dining area.

Add a touch of the Christmas season to other parts of your home, such as bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms, with a winter-scented candle. Playing holiday music is another inexpensive method to get into the holiday spirit.

Start collecting garlands, throw pillows, dish towels, and other decorations one at a time if you haven't already. This is especially cost-effective if you buy a few items after the holidays when they're on sale!

Make A Grocery List And Stock The Pantry

Stocking the pantry ahead of time and buying in bulk will save you money on last-minute, budget-busting purchases. Pay attention to sales flyers from your local grocery shop and wholesalers in the weeks running up to Christmas.

When non-perishable bulk items are on sale, stock up on them and keep them in your (now-decluttered) pantry. If needed, perishable commodities such as fruits, vegetables, and meat can be frozen. Set a weekly grocery delivery schedule and plan out each week's goods depending on what you've used and what you need to restock if you're lucky enough to have a grocery store that delivers for a low price.

Prepare Meals For The Freezer

Making numerous freezer dinners will relieve the stress of having to cook dinner on busy holiday weeknights while also helping to keep the dinner budget in check. Casseroles and soups are simple to prepare and keep for at least 6 weeks in the freezer. 

To avoid freezer burn, wrap each meal in foil or plastic bags before freezing. Refrigerate the frozen dinner in the morning to shorten the cooking time when you're ready to bake it later that evening.

Another advantage is that frozen dinners reduce clean-up time after supper, making it easier to maintain a clean home with less effort.

Do you follow these measures to prepare your home for the holidays? 

Do you have any more must-do tips for holiday preparations in your home?

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