Why You Need To Treat Yourself More Often

Life tends to be pretty chaotic and many of us feel under pressure a lot of the time. 

It can be hard to know how to make yourself feel better, but it’s important that you do – too much stress can be dangerous, both mentally and physically, and being able to improve your mood when you are feeling down is an excellent way to keep yourself on the right track when it comes to your health and your happiness. 

This is where treating yourself comes in. When you treat yourself to something, no matter what it might be, you will instantly feel better. 

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The problem is that this feeling can be tempered by guilt; why should you be giving yourself a treat? Shouldn’t you be spending your time or money on someone else or working harder, for example? 

The truth is, treating yourself is important, and everyone should do it more often. If you feel guilty when you take some time just for yourself or buy yourself something lovely, here are some things to remember about why you needed that time or that item to help you stave off your feelings of guilt. 

You’ve Earned It 

If you find that treating yourself for ‘no reason’ is what makes you feel guilty, then look for a reason. Why have you earned your massage or that new book or a long bath or another subscription box? 

Once you can determine why and how you have earned whatever it is you want to buy or do for yourself, you will feel much less guilty about buying it or doing it. 

It might seem a little self-centered to reward yourself in this way, but really it’s about celebrating successes and understanding that hard work is important but that you need to acknowledge you need time for yourself as well. If you feel you have earned a treat, then a reward is definitely required. You would do it for someone else, so why not do it for yourself? 

It Doesn’t Happen Often 

Even if you are treating yourself as a reward for a job well done, it’s not going to be something that happens every day or even every week. Therefore, when it does come time to treat yourself, it really will be something to look forward to, and that makes it even more special. Plus, if you only treat yourself on rare occasions, those treats can be bigger and better. 

However, don’t underestimate the joy of buying a bar of chocolate when getting your groceries and enjoying it while watching your favorite TV show after a hard day, or perhaps looking at a raspberry filling recipe available here and trying it out in the next cake you make. This kind of treat is just as good for your wellbeing, and as long as you don’t overindulge, it’s an ideal way to give yourself a little break. 

It’s Your Choice

Another reason to treat yourself more is that whatever you do or buy will be entirely your choice. This is very freeing and gives you an incredible feeling of accomplishment and independence. 

These are great attributes to have in life, and even without treating yourself, they are important.

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