You Can't Please Everyone All Of The Time, But Your Garden Can

Trying to keep everyone happy with home design is one of the main challenges of family life. 

After all, you need to make it kid-friendly and fun, but you also want to retain your sanity with a space that’s at least slightly adult.

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This battle becomes even more real in areas like your yard, where you actively want your kids to spend time without compromising on your own enjoyment. It can seem like an impossible goal but, in reality, family gardens more than most other areas of the home provide plenty of opportunities to please everyone.

Obviously, fundamental elements of a safe family garden need to be taken into account before this is possible, including secure boundaries and even residential lawn care that keeps thorns and other hidden nasties at bay. Once those essentials are out of the way, however, you can get stuck into the following pointers for a garden that ticks the whole family’s boxes. 

Multifunctional features

Too often, we embark on garden design with an either-or approach, but the reality is that gardens are great for multifunctional features that fit everyone. At its most basic, multi-functionality made possible through investment into versatile garden furniture like seating areas that double-up as toy boxes can bring this goal within reach. 

Equally, investing in something like a fire-pit garden table allows you to enjoy outdoor family meals in the daytime, and still sit down with a glass of wine or two by the fire once the kids are in bed. 

Even additions like raised beds can be great for getting your kids growing while also doubling up as seating, and they couldn’t be easier to implement. 

Designs across different levels

Tiered garden designs have become increasingly popular for adding interest, offering more diversity, and, in this instance, ensuring a space everyone can enjoy. While you should ideally aim to keep toys and kids on the bottom layer, building your garden up using techniques including wooden borders, stones, and contouring, can provide plenty of sections for the adults to enjoy. 

Even better, placing borders around each level can help you to feel that bit more peaceful up high, even as you watch your kids playing down below. 

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