IKEA Billy Bookcases in Aged Beige

Last Summer creating a multi functioning room/office was a very quick decision and I had planned to do all the things I'm doing now, at the time it seemed doable, but soon realized I didn't have the time and decided to put it together as quickly as possible with what the time and things we had.

Originally I wanted to scrape the popcorn ceiling and add the actual storage I'm now finally putting together, and it was worth the wait.

You can view last year's spare room/office mood board post HERE!

I didn't create a mood board this time around but I'll definitely keep you posted on the updates as they happen. For now I'm just happy to have these Billy Bookcases finally up here.

I knew I needed these in here because they look sophisticated, come in handy and don't take up too much space due to their skinny tall look. We have a couple of these in our dining room and we love the storage they provide.

Except I knew that I didn't want to keep the ones in this space white as they come. I recently fell in love with the color Aged Beige by Behr and no this isn't sponsored by Behr but it turns out this color is now one of my favorites and one I'll be using in multiple areas of our home going forward.

I bought these two billy bookcases from my dear friend, Taylor and they were in great condition just needed a little TLC. I decided to wait until after the holidays to work on them and took my time with them, while multitasking all the things.

And though a little time consuming and I doubt I'll be painting another billy bookcase any time soon, it was worth the work now that I see them in this space. But I would definitely do it again because the transformation is so pretty.

These were the best pictures I could get at the moment in this unfinished space but I'm hoping to get a better view of them soon. So here they are in all of their Aged Beige glory!

The color is the perfect neutral contrast against the white walls and I really wish the color came through better but it really is the most delicious aged beige.

I also decided to use these handles from Amazon. I had them on hand already because I have yet to use them on our linen closet doors, soon as we get them, but luckily it came with extra.


A couple of flaws in the doors being a little uneven, but again these are used and it doesn't bother me unless you stare at them long enough.

I wanted to place my decorative touches in the top shelves but also with a few pretty useful things for the office, like printer paper, books, filing essentials etc.

And the bottom is holding all the other things which I'll soon share as soon as I finish organizing the little things.

I made sure to use cabinet and trim paint by Behr in satin and had them match it to their color Aged Beige.  But before applying the paint, I used my favorite Kilz Primer.

I'll make sure to continue sharing the updates and add-ins in this room as they happen here so make sure to come back soon! If you're not subscribed I definitely recommend it to stay up to date on the latest!


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