Healthy Bacteria Your Mouth Needs

I'm back to talk about Smile Brilliant with you guys because they've once again have impressed me with their latest addition.

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Dental probiotics for oral and sinus support. 

What do dental probiotics do? 
Allow healthy bacteria in the mouth and sinuses crowd out bad bacteria and improve your body’s ability to fight decay, disease, and infection.

Most of us have heard of probiotics for maintaining intestinal (gut) health, but probiotics have actually been shown to be very useful in many areas of the body, for skin care & dental care in particular. Like other types, dental probiotics shift the balance of the existing bacterial composition (microbiome) toward an increased population of “good bacteria”, improving the overall health & fortitude of the area. 

What that means for us, is that our mouths are healthier: reduced plaque & tartar, less cavities, gum inflammation & the causes of bad breath, and that protection actually extends to our ear, nose & throat providing immune support & protection against viruses and developing infections (sinus & ear). 

These dental probiotics are chewable tablets with concentrated amounts of the healthy bacteria your mouth needs. Chewed once a day before bed (after brushing/flossing/rinsing), these tablets populate your mouth with the good stuff first!

By repeating the process of chewing one before bed on a daily basis, this leaves less opportunity for the bad bacteria to take hold. Studies have shown that you can truly change the microbiome of your mouth and increase the population of good bacteria while subsequently reducing the population of bad bacteria.

Being a loyal Smile Brilliant customer for years now it has been the best thing to happen to my pretty pout. I love knowing that I can care for my teeth so easily with the right tools and care that Smile Brilliant provides. 

Below are just a few current and past favorites and recommend you try. Including Adult and Kids Dental Probiotics and definitely give their professional teeth whitening and recent new collection of oral health products a try.

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Studies have shown that clinical grade dental probiotics reduce plaque, cavities, gum inflammation and bad breath over brushing and flossing alone. Further, they help improve the upper respiratory immunity in both children and adults.

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