January Recap

And that’s a wrap! Honestly, where the heck did January go? Last month was packed with so much fun and new beginnings. 

I gotta admit January hasn't always been my favorite but I've learned to appreciate it for what it could be. The beginning of a new chapter in so many ways and aspects of our lives.

I always take a look at what the previous year taught me and what I can take from that and either change or add into the new year to make it better, whether it's business related, personal goals and growth and even people and things in my life that no longer bring value into my life. Sounds harsh but sometimes letting go of certain habits, routines and those that hold you back or simply don't want to see you succeed is what we have to reevaluate in order to move forward and be better personally.

With that said, here are a few things I put my heart into the first month of 2022...

  • Putting a lot of focus on the positivity of what is currently taking place in my life, my family for starters, January was a month of officially kicking off Baby Shower planning for my daughter. She's due the first week of May so baby showers are taking place at the end of March and first week of April, so we're really excited about putting all of the details together with friends and family. More on that as we plan ahead.
  • We also had the pleasure of attending one of my daughters long and dear friend's baby shower of her own and that same day surprised us with a impromptu wedding with the parents to be, it was a beautiful day even though the sun was nowhere to be seen everyone's love and the bride herself were enough to brighten up any cloudy day!
  • After having been home for a year in a half only working on the blog and freelancing work,  I've officially gone back to working my day job again with my old boss in event planning and it feels so good with a bit of normalcy. And going full force on my Avon Business and our small business (PaperCrownSugar.com) as well. I'm not leaving behind my favorite hobbies of selling on Postmark, being a creative on Instagram or dedicating myself to my blog, but being an entrepreneur and wearing all of the different hats is so fascinating to me and now realizing that that has always been my calling.
  • Besides all of the above, Lola got the remainder of her vaccines this January and my son officially started college as of January 31 via zoom for a couple of weeks and hopefully on campus soon after.
  • Sticking to my new year goals has been going well, I've been sticking to working out, journaling, giving myself an R&R day weekly except I didn't get started on a new reading book, so definitely a goal for February.
  • Finally finished the IKEA Billy Bookcases that are now in the office/spare room, and they look so good! More on that space to come soon!

Though it didn't seem like a whole lot that happened in January, it was a busy one for me, I'm exhausted but in a good way and this next month is already looking like a big one too! 

What did you achieve this month? Let me know in the comments.


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