Proven Wellness Tips For Keeping A Happy Family

It's safe to suggest that every loving parent wants to raise a healthy and happy family. You want to see your children flourish in joy, your partner waking up each morning with a smile on their face, your family thriving and happy. But making this a reality is easier said than done, especially considering how stressful the current state of global affairs has become. 

Does your family seem to be losing its joyous glow? 

Here are some wellness tips you can use to keep your family happy beyond smiley family photos. 

Oh, and these tips are backed by research.

Enjoy dinner time together

Several research articles note that children who have regular family dinner times tend to be happier in general. According to a National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse report at Columbia University, teens who eat dinner with their family at least five times every week are less likely to drink, smoke, and use drugs. 

Spend quality time together

If regular family dinners aren't a possibility, find other ways to spend quality time together as a family. Try to organize a fun activity at least once every week, from family games to movie time. You can also switch from dinner time to enjoying regular meal times in general, whether breakfast, lunch or delicious holiday meals. And, speaking of delicious meals, food has been shown to bring families closer

So always make your meals worth the time. Sure the conversation can be good, but sharing hearty conversations behind great meals takes family time to another level. One dish worth including in your family mealtime is this Mexican Street corn salad, ideal for all your summer family gatherings. 

Put the family first

While it's important as parents to have friends, associates, a career, and so on, the last thing you want to do is give the impression that these are more important than your family. It's best to put your family first and set an example of love and commitment for your children. 

While it helps to put the family first, some experts have advised against making your children the center of your family for two main reasons. First, that's too much burden to place on your children. And secondly, your children will eventually move out of your home to start their own lives.

Promote healthy communication with a sense of acceptance

Some studies show that happy families have healthy communication in common regardless of their makeup. Every family member's opinion should count, although that does not mean every opinion is right. But you don't want to be dismissive of others' opinions, feelings, etc., even if you disagree. Acceptance helps to keep family relationships healthy. It also makes it easier for each family member to communicate their emotions freely. 

Reduce stress

Studies have shown that parental stress can hurt children, weakening their brains, depleting their immune systems, and increasing their risks of developing mental illness, not to mention that stress also affects parents negatively. 

Finding ways to actively reduce stress in the family is crucial towards creating a happy home.

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