5 Ways to Get Kids to Enjoy Seeing the Doctor

When kids don't want to go to the doctor, it can be difficult for parents to get them out there to the appointment. 

They may scream, cry, or put up some type of fight because of their fear. While yes, this can be a hassle, just keep in mind that this is completely natural for children and there’s a chance this could’ve been you when you were younger. 

There are many ways that parents can help their children feel more positive about going to the doctor. This is definitely good news! 

So if you’re wanting to kick your child’s fear of the family doctor to the curb then here are some ways to do it!

1. Take Them with You on Your Visits

As a parent, if you’re wanting to normalize doctor visits, then why not let your kids tag along with you? It gives them the chance to see up close and personal how easy it is at doctor visits. If they see that their parents are completely calm through all of this then they know that they will be able to remain calm through it as well.

2. Role Play Doctor with Your Child Before the Appointment

To make the most out of your time with your child, you should play doctor before their appointment. It gives them the chance to have some fun with you but it also allows them to feel in control of what might happen during the doctor's visit itself. Play doctor with your child in a way that is fun for both of you. 

You can use games like doctor, nurse, and patient to practice asking questions and listening to answers. You can even go as far as letting them play dress up and buy some doctor-related toys for them. You want to stay aware and let your little one stay aware as well and this could be the way to do it.

3. Use Emotional Engagement Techniques

This means trying to evoke happiness or some other emotion with your child. If you really want to remove those negative thoughts and feelings about doctor visits then the best way to do it would be by replacing them with positive engagement. This will eventually lead to more positive emotions for your child.

4. Plan Exciting Ideas After the Doctor Visit

One way to get your child to feel more pushed and better deal with doctor visits would be by planning something fun with them after the visit. This way, they will push themselves to deal with their fear knowing that something very good will be coming out on the other side for them. This could be something small like giving food as a reward or even something bigger like taking them to the park.

5. Don't Give Up - Try Different Approaches Along the Way

You know your child better than anyone else. 

So you are going to be the one to know exactly what makes them comfortable and what makes them uncomfortable. It takes time, but they will eventually feel comfortable with seeing a doctor, so just keep trying different approaches for them. 

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