5 Wholesome Family-Friendly Entertaining Ideas To Try This Summer

As a parent, there's no denying we want to spend as much quality time with our families as much as possible. 

Work schedules or other lifestyle commitments might make it challenging to achieve that goal, but it's still important none the less.

When you have some free time to spend with your significant other and your children, you'll all probably do things like go to your local park, head over to the beach for the day, or maybe even enjoy a trip to a visiting a museum!

And you're probably reading this today because you'd like some new fun ideas for you and your family to enjoy when you're finally spending some quality time together. 

More so, you want to a happier lifestyle and a more balanced work and home life.

Take a look at the following five suggestions for some inspiration on wholesome, family-friendly entertainment and activity ideas to try:

1. Attend A Performing Arts Show

You may have attended a performing arts show like Shen Yun, but have you ever gone with the rest of your family? If the answer's no, it might be the perfect thing to do with them on an afternoon or evening.

Performing arts shows are engaging live shows that offer families an immersive experience and will amaze and astound younger visitors. Have a look for tickets to some shows in your area.

2. Visit A Historical Reenactment

Do your children enjoy learning about history? You've likely treated them to books and movies on the subject, but how about taking things to the next level by attending a historical reenactment?

You might not realize it, but you'll likely find a few local historical reenactments you can visit with your family. Moreover, there might even be chances for your kids to participate in those reenactments!

3. Go Up In A Hot Air Balloon

The thought of going up, up, and away in a beautiful balloon is quite a fun and romantic idea. Did you know it's also an excellent way to spend part of a day out with your family?

Consider booking a trip on a hot air balloon for you and your family during the summer. It's certainly a memorable way to survey the land around you from a high altitude.

4. Join The Audience For A Kids TV Game Show

Your children likely enjoy watching TV shows, including kids' game shows where participants can complete exciting challenges to win fun prizes. While it's hard to "win" a slot to compete on such game shows, it's usually easy to book places as audience members.

You could arrange to book some places for you and your family to attend their favorite TV game show as members of the audience and surprise them with a day inside a recording studio!

5. Spend The Day At A Safari Park

Finally, have your children even seen animals up close, such as those who originate from the wild plains of Africa? 

If their only exposure to seeing such animals up close is at a zoo, a wholesome, family-friendly entertainment idea is to spend the day at your local safari park.

Many safari parks even let you drive through live animal enclosures; just don't get out of your vehicle!

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